I wish it was summer so we could dance again

wannazigazigaha:  Alicia Silverstone

Gwen, Teen Queen are from my tumblr. Lady in collar is for Eleven Objects ss12 (dream collection lt+christine>everything) The top photo is my day planner, random writing is my own. The song is someone posted on twitter/facebook and I was like Hey I reealllyy like thiss songg

Hello Pals!
Just a quick moodboard. I've really been into summer beach vibes latley.The other day I was referred to as the girl who writes Disheveled Trend. More on that in a future post (hint it's going to be a vlog)
That is All,-Roma


Anonymous said...

I like your planner it is very nice. I always keep the covers of my school books because I collage and draw on them!


rouli said...

<3 gwen here

amazin blue hair:)


Anonymous said...

Your planner is so cool, I think I might have to steal this idea to use on my crappy school planner.
Oh, and eternal love for Gwen <3 <3

Jenna said...

I love that video!! Especially how he just hops on to some random bike!! What dedication!! But why did that girl have to just glare at him...? What the hell people, what the hell.
And your mood board is so awesome it needs to be framed.


DANG THIS IS FABUSH. you make me want to start snipping and chopping things up again. I've been feeling uninspired as of late so THANK YOU DARLING.


naivebones said...

really cute binder! Reminds me of the collages i used to make for my school binders :) xxx