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So I've been thinking for a while about possibly doing a zine. Finally I've decided this zine will be written. I've also decided said zine will be called Butch.
Butch is most likely going to be a 1 issue zine, if enough people are interested, I might do a second sister issue. This is going to be my solo project, not to be confused with Bella's ongoing zine project. Got it? Anyway, I'm really excited I've always wanted to choose what I want to see in a zine. I know there are PLENTY of zine's and magazines out there that are pro-feminism and share a ton of ideas I agree with, but the idea of getting to choose articles is just so wonderful sounding.
I don't want people to think I'm ripping off Bust, Rookie, or anything else out there.
Here's some info about what I'm looking for and when I need it

  • Photo Journals/ Editorials, please send them as an attachment
  • Playlists
  • Short essays, preferably under 1000 words.
  • Poems
  • Short Stories
  • Journal Pages
  • Reviews about music, cinema, clothing, books
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Moodboards
email me any submissions of any kind. Remember, this is a pseudo feminist magazine, you can be open about virtually anything. I don't want Butch to be super hard-core. I want it to be radtastic if you know what I mean.
You can email me submissions at: romabkins@gmail.com
Butch has no current theme , depending on submissions I will decide from there.
I need all submissions by SUNDAY OCTOBER 23RD at 11pm est.
After that all submissions will be reviewed. Butch is currently scheduled to come out around American Thanksgiving.


Hvit said...

OMG awessssooommme. I'm definetly going to send you something. If school lets me. But still. AWESOME.

Flow Disruption said...

This sounds awesome, Roma! I don't wanna be too impulsive in comin' up with an idea, but I'll think about it and send you any ideas I have. I checked out your Gwen Tumblr ... pure awesomeness. I'm still in love with her style, too. ;)

Sarah Et Paris said...

Hey that's awesome, good for you!
can i submit one my illustrations?

let me know!

Roma said...

@ sarah: I'd love to get artwork! that would be super rad! email me at romabkins@gmail.com