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Hi guys!
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. School has been insane these days. I figured I'd not make this wordy and do a vlog.
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Kimmi Is all alone

AAH YOU GUYS THIS IS HAPPENING cover of Butch, issue 1, picture by Paolina Russo

Hi Guys,
So semi-recently someone asked me what I look like with zero makeup on. Well here you have it. My face in the raw. I don't like wearing a ton of makeup. I guess I wear eccentric lip colors and eyeliner wings but I'm not into rat makeup like most of the girls in my school. Rat makeup is basically a poorly done smokey eye with also poorly done contouring. I have to admit this is what I wore in middle school but yeah.
Anyway, I've been super occupied by Butch lately. As well as schoolwork and such. But honestly I've been so abnormally tired and caught up with being a teenager. I'm always confused by my adolescence. I know there are plenty of scientific explanations as to why I'm so moody and my heterosexualness (shocker I like boys and I'm writing a feminist zine. They say it wasn't so!) but honestly it's pretty bizarre.
I have so much to say in this post but I can't quite put it all to words. Butch is running smooth. Speaking of which, submit! I love people who submit because they make me gleeful and such.
OH! I also saw my first concert. I saw Asteroids Galaxy tour. They were super rad, It was one of the strangest and greatest experiences I've had as a teen. Mette is super rad. She told me she liked my outfit which has definitely been pushing me to continue to dress oddly.
More on that in an upcoming blog post


An Ode to Fluff

So for this months *blogger feature* I choose Eline, from A Fluff Blog. Eline is super quirky and has a great taste in humor as well as clothing and odd little trinkets. She is the epitome of cool and has a siick wardrobe.

What is so fabulous about fluff, there seems to be a constant theme on your blog about it?

There is nothing not fabulous about fluff! I just really really love touching it and its look; you can either go super vintage femme with it or sweet childish girl, which are both looks that I obviously love. But I guess this also comes from my love for animals and my secret wish of actually being a cute little house cat (preferably in my mother's and father's house during the 80s because they fed our cats fresh cod fish and I am all for fresh, raw fish!).

Who are your current favorite super heroes?
Fionna and Cake!

What was it like to be in Worn Journal?
So cool! Worn Journal is one of my favourite magazines and I'm very happy that they love me too :D.

What is the greatest item of clothing you have ever seen in your life?
This is a hard question! My love for clothing fluctuates quite often. Sometimes I love very sweet child-like things, other times vintage items from every possible era but my bond with clothing also goes a lot further than anything aesthetically. A lot of times my love for something is defined by what I associate with it and in my own personal wardrobe it's also intrinsically connected to memories (like the other day I threw away my dark green pencil skirts because I wore them all the time at a time in my life when I felt very stifled, anxious and sad and I just couldn't wear those anymore because not only the memory of that time hurt me, the skirts themselves literally stifled me and limited free body movements). BUT I guess at this moment in time? I kind of have to go with the fluff dress of Meadham Kirchoff SS12 collection. I want a fluffy dress so bad!

What should people know about Belgium
I don't know? Belgium is kind of surreal, in an unsurreal way. It has a history of being overrun by other countries because of its location and the influences of that are very tangible, I think. On one hand you can feel that in our collective personality; we are pretty apologetic and self-deprecating. On the other, people (very much including Belgians themselves!) very obviously feel as if we have no actual nationality, or culture, but I think exactly that is what typifies Belgium; the fact that there is no very clearly defined "Belgianness". Also our buildings from the Middle Ages and Art Deco are pretty!

What books are you currently loving?
Ooh! Seriously still amazed by Anna Kavan, I've also been loving Edith Wharton a whole lot (seriously, read her short stories! Age of Innocence is next on my to-read list) but most recently I've been loving a lot of graphic novels. I really enjoyed Clumsy, a sweet story about a long distance relationship, drawn in a rudimentary clumsy (ha!) way which really grows on you. Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi was really good and I would heartily recommend it to anyone, especially women and girls. The Pushman and Other Stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi kind of freaked me out and I'm still wondering what I actually think about it. On that note I read Junji Ito's Tomie and was scared to go to seep despite the fact that it was way more funny than actually scary (stop coming back, Tomie!) Also non-graphic novel related: I am pretty much head-over-heels with Saki, who writes witty, animal-filled short stories (check it out!).

Where do you get the most inspiration for your outfits?
This is cheesy but I honestly get inspiration for my outfits everywhere: the other day I saw a really beautiful leaf falling down in a rich red and very warm green, lined by an amazing yellow and decided to build up an outfit around that. A lot of times colour contrasts inspire me. Several months ago I read some stupid theoretic text about colours which claimed that for a dark-haired woman the perfect outfit consists of the colours, salmon pink, green and yellow so I hung that sentence up and will play around with one day. Sometimes I check out way too many Japanese street style blogs (currently loving cult party kei) and make something around that. Or I see a girl on a blog or the street layering skirts over dresses and save that idea in my 'must try out in outfit asap' folder in my head. Sometimes I simply build something around one piece of clothing. So basically: everything.

Roma: What is your greatest thrift find?

Eline: Greatest thrift find? I don't know there are so many! Almost all of my clothes are thrifted, but I guess I'd have to pick my leopard coat because it was my first ever second hand purchase and something I'd been pretty much obsessed about finding for a while. I don't wear it all that often any more, but it still very precious to me. I still remember the exact moment I bought it and being super psyched about it with my friend.

Blueberry Muffins or Vogue Magazine?
Blueberry muffins for sure, especially the moist, fluffy and buttery kind yummmm!

Anything you want people to know about a Fluffy Blog??
Haha, I don't know actually, the url?

You can check out Eline on her blog
*All photos are from Elines Blog/ Tumblr.



catladysoul:  this is me

So I've been thinking for a while about possibly doing a zine. Finally I've decided this zine will be written. I've also decided said zine will be called Butch.
Butch is most likely going to be a 1 issue zine, if enough people are interested, I might do a second sister issue. This is going to be my solo project, not to be confused with Bella's ongoing zine project. Got it? Anyway, I'm really excited I've always wanted to choose what I want to see in a zine. I know there are PLENTY of zine's and magazines out there that are pro-feminism and share a ton of ideas I agree with, but the idea of getting to choose articles is just so wonderful sounding.
I don't want people to think I'm ripping off Bust, Rookie, or anything else out there.
Here's some info about what I'm looking for and when I need it

  • Photo Journals/ Editorials, please send them as an attachment
  • Playlists
  • Short essays, preferably under 1000 words.
  • Poems
  • Short Stories
  • Journal Pages
  • Reviews about music, cinema, clothing, books
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Moodboards
email me any submissions of any kind. Remember, this is a pseudo feminist magazine, you can be open about virtually anything. I don't want Butch to be super hard-core. I want it to be radtastic if you know what I mean.
You can email me submissions at: romabkins@gmail.com
Butch has no current theme , depending on submissions I will decide from there.
I need all submissions by SUNDAY OCTOBER 23RD at 11pm est.
After that all submissions will be reviewed. Butch is currently scheduled to come out around American Thanksgiving.


I wish it was summer so we could dance again

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Gwen, Teen Queen are from my tumblr. Lady in collar is for Eleven Objects ss12 (dream collection lt+christine>everything) The top photo is my day planner, random writing is my own. The song is someone posted on twitter/facebook and I was like Hey I reealllyy like thiss songg

Hello Pals!
Just a quick moodboard. I've really been into summer beach vibes latley.The other day I was referred to as the girl who writes Disheveled Trend. More on that in a future post (hint it's going to be a vlog)
That is All,-Roma


Vougish Insights

Shirt: Blood is the new Black. Slip: H&M. Leggings: H&M. Shoes: Doc Martens. Bag: Gifted.
Sunglasses: H&M. Crown: Joke Shop.

Technical Difficulties! Sorry for the late post. I took these 4 days ago. Anyway, I have not yet convinced myself that summer is over yet even though my town was hammered with high winds and a massive chill. I've been trying to incorporate wasted teens and Sonic youth into my outfits latley with wearing loud, not "scene kid", neons and iconology. I've also been in a bit of a skate boarding fix, although my skate boarding abilities are quite limited.
In other news, school is boring! Although I am quite fascinated by russian history I can't help but wish I was Cathy Horyn and off in paris reviewing a Comme Des Garcons show. A lot of the kids in my school think I'm a bit of a super freak but whatever. Like I actually have the time to think about them.
Oh, I'm on twitter @DisheveledTrend
Finally, Thank you so much for the great feedback on my 11 objects interview. I loved getting those emails! Would you like to see more of those kinds of interviews? Yes? Hahaha.