Izumihiiflower! Interview!

Well hullo there kids. So this is one of my monthly blogger interviews. This time I choose the author behind IZUMIHIIFLOWER style. She does not only own the most interesting aesthetic on the face of the earth but is also a passionate artist. She has some really awesome shoes, I think this was love at first sight. hahaha. Anyway. Here it is!

What do you love most about fashion?
hmmmm vague question! In fashion I like the fact that the cut of a clothes can sublimate the body. I consider fashion (with a capital F) as a true art form! it is a real feast for the eyes. Otherwise I am very interested in style. It's not like that, it's more like the fast mode ahah. Style also is creative and accessible to ordinary people! You see, I am a physically very banal, but with my style, I can give myself one more (I think).

How have you managed to stay true to your atheistic as you move to different parts of france?
You know, they are always people to criticize you, and that it in any region. But I live for me and not for others! I have often been rejected by the other, so now I do not care enough for their review

What kind of music do you like?
I especially love music from the 80's!!! ahah I'm crazy about "les rita mitsouko" a crazy french band who make me insane!! I love too the amazing Cyndi Lauper, she inspire me my haircut (that's no Alice Dellal who inspire me)
I like punk music but I don't know lot of musics. I love system of a down, Blind Guardian, two m├ętal bands!!!
I adore rock'n'roll and rockabilly!!! And i like a little actually music ... very little! For exemple, I love Lady Gaga! I think she is the new Madona! I like music to text ...
In fact I am open to almost anything but electronic music!

What is the best thing about having such an edgy haircut?
Well I got this hairstyle because I am undecided! When I explain I have long hair, I want to cut and when they are short I want them long! I did the 2 in same time! it's been 2 years since I have not felt the need to change your hairstyle! that's the advantage after all! But it also depends on your temperament!

If you could travel any where on earth, were would you go?
I would first go to London! People there seem to have a great mood! For example out there you can see a bank manager with a red crest (that is an Englishman who told me) ... And then in Japan. This country attracts me a lot, although, I could not live there. I'm too lazy for that! But I find Japan a beautiful country (well when we forget the tendency of Japanese scatophile).

What does your artwork say about you?
that's up to you to tell me! I don't know!

Favorite Item of clothing that you own...ever?
My shoes collection of courses! I can't choose!

What would you like to see change in the art world in the future?
As I change the stops have change lol
I do not like the fact that we work too much on the computer! For me art is rather feel, touch the subject, feel it. with the computer it becomes impossible! So yes the results are very interesting, but I prefer the authentic way!

What are you looking forward to in fashion this season?
This season I note: the rustling socks! I want it! I need it!!

P.S this is not the only interview for this month....


melina bee said...

wow, she doe seem really cool and those shoes are killer!

Izumihiiiflower said...

Thank youuu so much <3 That's funny to see an article about me! :D
I'm glad you love my shoes ahah <3


Eeek. I've never heard of her, so thanks for sharing! She definitely has super individual style and LOVE the art work! Yiiipppeee! Will definitely have to check her out!


thesselle said...

click here

Claire said...

Oh my her style and art or too wonderful! Those are the most killer shoes ever. EVER.

Flow Disruption said...

I love this girl. She's fearless! ;) Great interview, Roma. :)

Grazziella said...

Really like her blog, she's definitively talented :D