Teen Rambo

Headscarf; vintage. Vest; DIY. Shirt; Thrifted
Mood Board (From The Top Left) Sticker: Peggy Gugenheim Balenciaga for Pop Spring 2011. Varsity Letter, from my high school. Pin is a Todd Selby Sticker from his book, DIY. Coin Purse, gift from my aunt which she bought at a flea market. Bracelet is Vintage.
Hullo there. So Basically this outfit was sort of angry Rambo themed/ MGMT themed. I really like MGMT but for some reason they get a bad wrap. I was watching one of their videos and they had this weird Rambo vibe which was cool because I've been planning a Rambo themed post. Honestly I've never seen Rambo, for obvious reasons (Sylvester Stallone=No) but I 've seen son of Rambo which was cool. Sorry that made little or no sense. AS you can see I am no writing protege, my writing flows terribly. Like a duck on roller skates!
Enough of this nonsense! Any ways its almost fashion week (KHFKDSJHKDSFGDF) I'm still not totally sure if I'm going but if I am I am seeing one or two shows. (also .SJKSGJKGHSD) This definitely will be a one of a kind experience for sure


Flow Disruption said...

I love the theme! And the guns up pose. ;) Have fun if you go to some shows! That would be freakin' amazing (and very post worthy). ;)

Claire said...

YOUR VEST. Every pin+patch+anything else on it is pppeeerrrfffeeeccttt.
Hope you get to go to fashion week! That would be amazing!


you are too cool for your own good. you have impressive amounts of awesome. mgmt is pretty sick, you channelled rambo to perfection. I like your "nonsense" :) wow, fashion week attendee!

Hvit said...

None of your photos will load for me. I'M BEING DEPRIVED OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT POSTS. Urgh.

the fashion turd said...

Enjoy Fashion Week...im doing London Fashion week and looking forward muchly.....have a blast Roma x x


AH. You are so darling. LOVING this look AS PER USUAL.

Oh, and have fun at fashion week. As in, lLASKJDLAKJDS ZOMG YOU ARE GOING?!?!?!??!? *Insert envy and have good times and document a lot and all that*


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xo


Izumihiiiflower said...

woooooow i love your outfit!!!!
You know, my hair was short like you when i decided to shave the half on my head. I let one side grow. I do not know how to explain. I made a cut commencing at progressively shorter towards the "long". look : http://izumihiiiflower.blogspot.com/2009/06/vide-grenier.html
I hope it can help you!

I'm ok for the interview, that's funny!

Roma said...

oh hey for some reason that email doesn't work. will you email me? its romabkins@gmail.com

gwen said...

LOVING your style! AK! It's all so perfect!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pins! magical!

Gwen: http://under-a-bridge.blogspot.com

20thCgirl said...

Yay Son of Rambo and MGMT ! Totally loving the 80s vibes <3 the print on your top!