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Photo By Andrew De Francesco for Eleven Objects Spring 2012

Hi everyone!
Wow I am so busy right now. I have no idea how I've managed to do this many blog posts this month! DLKLDFGJL! Anyway, I was lucky enough to interview the eclectic label Eleven Objects. The masterminds behind 11 are Christine Rhee and Linh Thi Do. The super duo from new york city. They've created basically created my dream collar. I've also discovered they have a secret love for soft pretzles.

1. Lets start things on the right foot, what is eleven objects
Linh Thi Do: We design accessories. Both of us have a design background in clothing and love clothes, so we want to make accessories that you can really play with your existing wardrobe.

2. Why collars? What do you love about the blog worlds favorite accessory?
Linh Thi Do : Collars are definitely having a moment right now, and it's a great way to try something new and wear a bit of leopard print, a bright color or some leather.
Christine Rhee: I think because we come from a clothing background, we were really drawn to the challenge of making an accessory that would be transformative to your wardrobe.

3. What is your goal for your line?
CR: We just want to make something that makes people feel like a special lady. It's about trying to create a personal, emotional experience with something.

LD: Chrissy and I definitely different strengths so working together means we can get more done. It's also great to talk to each other about ideas since we each have our different perspectives which can make an idea stronger.

CR: I think when we started out we didn't realize what a good partnership it was going to be. We just thought it would be fun to work with a friend! We usually have the same end goals in mind but have completely opposite ways of getting there. We design the collection together and then we kind of part ways on the different tasks to get the collection done. We barely overlap at all in terms of skill sets so you're basically getting both of our strengths with none of our weaknesses which couldn't work out better!

5. How do you feel about soft pretzels
CR: Nothing but extremely warm, wonderful feelings. I love a soft pretzel with hummus but the pretzel croissant is kind of blowing my mind right now.
LD: with mustard!

6. What made you decide to go into fashion, you two seem to have liberal arts backgrounds.
LD: I think it's something universal that appealed to both of us. Fashion is a fun and insightful way of communicating, from what people wear to how they style themselves.

7. What is your aesthetic like right now?
CR: The same things that I've always been into. David Fincher music videos from the 90s shaped my views on fashion (Madonna's Vogue, George Michael's Freedom '90), Peter Saville designed album covers, specifically for Joy Division and New Order for overall aesthetic, and Eileen Gray is kind of a design hero of mine.

LD: I'm enjoying lots of colors and prints--sometimes 2 or 3 prints at a time! At the same time, I definitely look for a bit of functionality in everything--I'm big on pockets.

8. What kind of music have you guys been into right now?
CR: Right now I really loving Slowdive, Tanlines, Serge Gainsbourg, and am always up for some 90s dance music.

9. What is your dream collar?
LD: So many dreams! Right now, we cant get enough of studs and prints.
CR: I think we already made my dream collar! The collar sleeves for Spring 2012 is pretty much everything I want to wear right now.

10. Would you stay your a fan of flea markets, if so, best flea market find?
LD: Flea markets are always fun to check out. So far my best find is this mustard yellow velveteen soft top hat in its original box--but it didn't fit me so i ended up giving it to my sister!

11. Any advice for a dorky teenager who wants to do something potentially fashionable with her life?
LD: A great way to get into fashion is interning--you really get to see what happens and learn from behind the scenes. Best of luck!

CR: I agree with Linh Thi, interning is a great way to learn. There are so many different kinds of jobs in fashion so definitely time to learn about as many of them as you can!

Thanks Christine and Lihn!



rouli said...

cool post and blog:))

Claire said...

How come.
I have not heard.
Of these fabulously wonderful.
Dream collar makers before.
I mean, those are the most beautiful collars I've seen in a long time!

Flow Disruption said...

Ya know, I have to admit, I had never really thought about the potential of a collar to transform an outfit, but I can totally see it now. The bronze, studded one is my favourite. I'll definitely check them out. :)

Anonymous said...

a very good idea - I need to read more about this <3