Potpouri Post Part I, The Begining!

Top, Gifted. Under Shirt, Target. Skirt, H&M. Lei, Joke Shop. Ring, DIY, Bracelet, Vintage.

Well Hello there Earthlings! It is I! Your moody teenaged savoir! Roma!
Now that I am no longer tired or smelly I feel I can do an appropriate post about my adventures in sleepaway camp. Hoorah!
Camp was cool, I met a lot of cool people from Boston and New York City, I did cool stuff, but it is unfortunately irrelevant! However, I did meet another grrrl, lets call her Wanda. Wanda was the Bee's Knee's. I talked to her about Kathleen Hanna and grrrl Music. We also played Rebel Girl on her acoustic guitar, spoken word style. Yeah moody teenz!
So this is ma outfit. I was walking down the street and this little kid was like "You look like Princess....uhhh..Princess. Haha!" totally made my day. However I was not going for the princess princess look! Alas! I was trying to look like all of the Lisbon sisters....AT THE SAME TIME. As you can tell by my not so nostalgic way of photo editing and weird gifted top/ lei headress that makes me look godlike. Oops! That was quite the run-on! Spare me oh grammatically gifted ones! But yeah, I actually think I did a decent job conveying my ideas through my outfit today, well if you know anything about the Virgin Suicides and are not a small child on a Razor Scooter. Put that on your tumblr. hehehe.
That is all for today kidz!


Paolina of Calur Villade said...



Jen said...

You definitely nailed the Lisbon sister combo look (from the pictures of them I've seen on tumblr heh heh yet to have read the book), but I see princess as well!!!!
Glad you had an awesome time at sleepaway camp, meeting city kids is always cool :D When I went to a writing camp last summer, I met a bunch of kids from NYC, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Honduras!!!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your photos and blog!

Mitchie said...

yeahh i love this!!


these are sick. marilyn monroe is the perfect backdrop. I like the top piece and the delicate layering effect. ya, teenage angst! that's cool that you found someone to be moody with.

melina bee said...

oh man, I always wanted to go to camp as a kid, sadly never did.
that top is really regal, I'd love to see it used this fall in kinda gothy or baroque ways

Claire said...

You are a TOTAL PRINCESS! But then again I still get a very heavy lisbon sister-y vibe coming out of this outfit. Anyways, it's perfect. As usual.

lady sélénite said...

Beautiful !!!

20thCgirl said...

Just bought the Virgin Suicides after meaning to watch it for literally YEARS. You look like a very kick-ass princess to me - love the lace!

Izumihiiiflower said...

love the lace cape! this vinage kitsh outfit contrast with your hair <3 extra!

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit!