The actual truth in Feminism, a guest post

Feminism nowadays is a foreign word. Not one of my friends consider themselves to be feminists. They don't know the word. I try to introduce them to Hole and to Sassy but my generation is basically a cultural wasteland when it comes to 'alternative' culture and things like that. None of them know who Virginia Woolf is, and Mrs. Dalloway isn't on a single one of their reading lists.
I'll try not to sound naggy and dull and pretensious but this really bothers me. READ FEMINIST LIT! Girls need a dose of feminism because my generation is really lacking in the girl power department.
I wish some of my friends would let me turn on a Hole CD or consider taking A Room of One's Own out of the library but I think I've come to terms with the fact that you can't make someone a feminist. They have to want to be one.
Some great feminist sites:

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20thCgirl said...

Yeah it is sad that what constitutes "feminism" these days is a female pop-star writhing around half naked in a video, because apparently that's "empowering".

You should read Female Chauvenist Pigs by Ariel Levy - it's a great feminist book!

Hvit said...

Hear hear for this post.

sojourned in style said...

its almost like feminism is and endangered form of thought, but being salvaged by girls like you. females need some gender reflection. great post.