Potpouri Post Part I, The Begining!

Top, Gifted. Under Shirt, Target. Skirt, H&M. Lei, Joke Shop. Ring, DIY, Bracelet, Vintage.

Well Hello there Earthlings! It is I! Your moody teenaged savoir! Roma!
Now that I am no longer tired or smelly I feel I can do an appropriate post about my adventures in sleepaway camp. Hoorah!
Camp was cool, I met a lot of cool people from Boston and New York City, I did cool stuff, but it is unfortunately irrelevant! However, I did meet another grrrl, lets call her Wanda. Wanda was the Bee's Knee's. I talked to her about Kathleen Hanna and grrrl Music. We also played Rebel Girl on her acoustic guitar, spoken word style. Yeah moody teenz!
So this is ma outfit. I was walking down the street and this little kid was like "You look like Princess....uhhh..Princess. Haha!" totally made my day. However I was not going for the princess princess look! Alas! I was trying to look like all of the Lisbon sisters....AT THE SAME TIME. As you can tell by my not so nostalgic way of photo editing and weird gifted top/ lei headress that makes me look godlike. Oops! That was quite the run-on! Spare me oh grammatically gifted ones! But yeah, I actually think I did a decent job conveying my ideas through my outfit today, well if you know anything about the Virgin Suicides and are not a small child on a Razor Scooter. Put that on your tumblr. hehehe.
That is all for today kidz!


Yeah When I'm With You I Have Fun

brandy'sI am soo predictable

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Finally Back from camp!
It was the best of times!
Basically I had a pretty amazing time but it would be off topic to tallk about it so I won't.
I've been in a weird summer nostalgia phase were I've been listening to beachy surfer music. Lots of Best Coast actually, which is ironic because I just interviewed slutever who toured with Best Coast last year.
well I guess I'll do a big post sometime next week, yeah.


Let me tell ya whats going down

This is my 5th scheduled post I did today so I'm going to make this snappy.
Basically I scored a pair of irregular choice, I am reviewing it in vlog form because I love vloging now, something you will hopefully see more here.

A better picture of this shoe

Unrelated Reading Rainbow! Whatever! I love this song!



All I can say is golly

Brittney is really groovy. She has an unbelievabley eclectic and unique style that comes from all over the globe. She also writes deep and meaningful songs that are not corny. She has a wacky and fun style of writing which I always really like.

1. Write a Haiku about who you are.
A starving artist / Not literally starving / A perfectionist

2. What would you say your big style influence is?
The biggest ones are probably musicians (anyone from Patti Smith to Poly Styrene), nature and various cultures and tribes throughout history, like Ancient Greece and the Masaai tribe from Eastern Africa.

3. How does writing music contribute to who you are? What does it say about you.
Hmm, that's a really good question. As much as I love fashion and visual art, songwriting is probably my biggest obsession. I'm not sure I know what it says about me, though. Maybe it says I'm far too introspective for my own good ...

4. What is your favorite type of dessert?
Creme brulee, baby! With the raspberry goo on top. And then a shot of espresso after. I am really hungry now.

5. Why did you become interested in fashion design?
Well, I've always been a really intense, but soft spoken person. So, as a kid, I dressed up in crazy outfits to express the bolder, more intense part of myself. Then, the crazy outfits developed into more of a personal style and I took interest in the fashion industry itself, checkin' out all the new collections and what not. :)

6. What's your number one favorite song??
Oh crap, I'm torn! It's a tie between Runaway Train by Soul Asylum and Stay Monkey by Julie Ruin. Cheers to the 90s!

7. What's your best thrifiting find??
Oh baby, I know this one. 5 years ago, I bought a crochet sweater I've worn every other day since. Well, until it completely fell apart from all the safety pin pokage ... consider it a lesson learned. :/

8. How do you find inspiration for your moodboards?
Hmm, you think of really good questions, Roma. I guess I get inspired by either a colour scheme or single photo I'm obsessing over. I like playin' around with images and seein' all the different combinations I can come up with. Sometimes, the mood just kinda creates itself.

9. What magazines are you digging lately?
Unfortunately, I'm not as much of a magazine junkie as I used to be (rippin' out every other page and makin' collages). But, I love readin' RUSSH and really appreciate Surface for its combination of architecture and fashion.

10. How do you feel about grape soda?
Pure fizzy brilliance. I think I'm gonna go buy some grape soda and listen to Julie Ruin now.

Thanks Brittney!

You can check her out on her blog Flow Disruption


When There is Nothing Left to be said

Dress, from a botique. Shoes, Irregular Choice. Scarf, Vintage. Sunglasses, Drug Store.
Other photos are from Alex Prager's Week-end


The actual truth in Feminism, a guest post

Feminism nowadays is a foreign word. Not one of my friends consider themselves to be feminists. They don't know the word. I try to introduce them to Hole and to Sassy but my generation is basically a cultural wasteland when it comes to 'alternative' culture and things like that. None of them know who Virginia Woolf is, and Mrs. Dalloway isn't on a single one of their reading lists.
I'll try not to sound naggy and dull and pretensious but this really bothers me. READ FEMINIST LIT! Girls need a dose of feminism because my generation is really lacking in the girl power department.
I wish some of my friends would let me turn on a Hole CD or consider taking A Room of One's Own out of the library but I think I've come to terms with the fact that you can't make someone a feminist. They have to want to be one.
Some great feminist sites:

This Post was written by Bella, you can find her on her blogs Plastic Barrettes and Prom Queen on the Scene
picture is from the grrrl virus tumblr