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Hi Pals!
So recently I interviewed the band Slutever for the ongoing zine Prom Queen. I found Slutever in a way I doubt I can describe because it is related to google and totally top secret.Slutever is a quirky totally bitchin' Riot Grrl band that doesn't really get enough credit in my opinion. They're from Phili and are by far the wackiest people I've ever interviewed. They also like Beavis and Butthead.
1. Hi, what is the purpose of Slutever?

N/A...No purpose here.

2. What is your aesthetic like?

Nicole: Gritty.

Rachel: Bitchy, smelly, and sleepy.

3. Why is making music in Phili better then anywhere else?

Rachel: There's a really great house show scene there that almost rivals the bar/club scene. There's always some show happening.

N: That scene is really self-supportive and it really helps to have those all ages shows in a community.

R: Philly also has a really great punk scene, specifically. Punk town USA!

N: Halfway through tour, it's becoming really evident that Philly does have one of the best music scenes. We're really proud to be from there.
4. How do you feel about canned cheese?
R: Hate it.

N: Love it.

5. Clearly you like Beavis and Butthead, what is your favorite thing about them?

R: I like their hijinx, I like their outfits, I like their laughs. They would be our ideal boyfriends.

N: They just wanna hang out and watch TV. I can relate to that. We really are very similar to those two.

6. Any other weird 90's shows that make you go bananza?

R: The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Ally McBeal

N: I'm all about Twin Peaks and Seinfeld. We've been watching lots of Seinfeld this trip.

7. What exactly is feminism? What are your thoughts on the fbombs place in society?

R: For me, feminism is about harnessing girl power to fight gender inequality. As a strong, independent woman, i have the strength to drive seven hours through the desert to play a show with my band despite having my period.

8. What were you guys like a teenagers?

N: More dorky than I am now, but equally as confused and awkward. I just hung out with my friends and smoked weed in the woods and ate Taco Bell. Life was pretty great.

R: I was obsessed with going to shows and teenage boys. Nothings changed.

9. Were does your inspiration to write songs come from?

N: Most of the songs I've written are inspired by relationships with friends as much as dudes but lately I think my songs are just about dumb funny things. Serious songs are boring. I'm so not a serious person.

R: Television and shitty people.

10. What would your dream show be like?

N: Lots of hot teenage boys running around. Someone coming up to us and offering us lots of money to be on a TV show or something...

11. You guys are cool what's your secret? weed, teen spirit deodorant?


you can find Rachel and Nicole on their blog and their bandcamp page


Marlena said...

I love Slutever!
They've got great taste in weird 90s TV shows (Pete & Pete <3 <3)!!

sojourned in style said...

never heard of them before now but they got a good sound. great interview their answers are sarcastic and so sensical. they are a cool duo.

Mitchie said...

Hey I am a contributer for prom queen zine too!
I am in the process of starting my own zine that will have ONLY teenage fashion bloggers as contributers. So its should have that ackward teen feeling that I love.

20thCgirl said...

I've never heard of prom queen zine ?! I am a dinosaur clearly. Thanks for introducing an old lady like me who should probably be doing some knitting/yelling at kids outside to this great band!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh, i've heard of them but hadn't yet got round to having a listen! They sound so so good to me, great interview too!