Silence Sweetheart: Interview with Sarah

Hullo There,
So this is a scheduled post, hopefuly I'm off in narnia battling goats. Sorry that was kind of bizarre. So this month I decided to interview Sarah from the quirky, amazing blog Silence Sweetheart. Sarah has been one of my favorite bloggers since she commented on a post of mine. She has a vibe that screams "Who the Heck Cares?!" She wears outfits that are a mix of gothic Wednesday and Gaudy 30's actresses. She also has the best hair in the universe.

1. Hi Sarah! Who is Sarah Deetz?
I suppose Sarah Deetz is a manifestation of the personality traits I'm okay with being readily available to anyone on the internet. Like the character you relate to in a movie I suppose but you actually know very little about outside of the 90 minute time frame. I retain some mystery, hopefully. I'm the perpetual teenager in her early 20's, I talk and think about film a whole lot, I play computer games for hours, I write a dumb blog.

2. What do you like about the virgin suicides?
I shall present you with an actual quote from a MySpace conversation with a cute boy circa 2005/6:
nah its about these 5 girls who live in a confind house by their overly religious parents, and then one of them kills themselves, and then everything starts going wrong for them until they all kill themselves. Sorta depressing, but i like strange movies.” [sic]
As you can tell, I had a way with words at a young age.

3. How did your hair become so perfect?
I assure you if you believe it is ‘perfect’ now than you will experience some of the bad hairstyles I’ve had over the years if you get a copy of the teen zine I’m working on. I am constantly astonished at the teens I admire now to look so damn good, when I looked so tragic most of my teens. Thank you for the compliment though, I wash my hair like once a week and mix conditioner with hair dye to soften & dye at the same time – it’s just hair though, I’m not too fussed with it.

4. What's your least favorite thing about London?
I never have enough money to enjoy all of it, though I can enjoy lots of it.

5. If you could go out to dinner with anyone in the entire universe who would it be?
It would be a thumb wars fight between Bob Dylan, Ross McElwee & Richard Leacock (two film makers I admire) or maybe Yohji Yamamoto or something... I can’t decide.

6. What is your favorite girl power movie?
I wasn’t sure how to interpret this, when flicking through my films it was hard to discern which had good standing to be a good ‘girl power’ movie. But at sleepovers with my girl friends we always used to watch films like ‘Ghost World’, ‘Clueless’ and ‘The Craft’, but I’m not sure how much I would define these to encapsulate ‘girl power’ so I’ll subvert the question and give a couple of good films directed by women – Barbara Loden’s ‘Wanda’, Barbara Kopple’s ‘Harlan County USA’, ‘Sweetie’ by Jane Campion and ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ by Kimberly Peirce. These all make me feel empowered more than any representation of girl power seen in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ or something.
7. What clothing designer gives you the most inspiration?
At the moment I am completely enamoured with Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff. Every collection speaks to my teenage heart. Their collections capture both the experimentation and hyper-sexualisation of being a teenager. The desire to be ‘attractive’ versus the desire to be bold and playful. The elements of fantasy and reality – from a distance they can appear ethereal and womanly but up close they are manic and twisted witches. I also appreciate the context of their collections, the pop culture references to kinderwhore and characterizing the 90’s uber-goths like Wednesday Adams and Lydia Deetz. Appropriating sub-cultural identities the same way teenagers flip between goth, mod, punk and grunge with their mood changes – defiant and rebellious. Finally for creating shrines and a hand-made aesthetic which gets your hands itchy to recreate pipe-cleaner tiaras and layer your grandma’s floral dresses

8. Any advice for a moody teenager who hates living in suburbia?
I grew up in the suburbs of London but I have completely romanticised feelings towards suburban America. You’ll find that being ‘confined’ by living in the ‘burbs can be an awesome outlet. Channel the angst in to creative endeavours – use the fact you aren’t in a big city to your advantage and search out hobbies, fashions and interests that aren’t typical and tiresome. Pick up talents quickly and dispose of boring ones, use the internet as a tool to connect with the world but just as easily dispose of it. When you walk out your house feeling moody, pretend even though it may seem lame that you are in another country strolling around – observe the changes. Most importantly enjoy the angst and ‘boredom’, it doesn’t last forever – watch lots of movies, have sleepovers, start a witch coven with your friends from school, make friends with people you normally ignore and WRITE IN A DIARY A WHOLE BUNCH.

9. What is your favorite comic book?
I collect Aquaman comics because I think he is the most hilariously flawed superhero ever. I like Alan Moore’s stuff like Watchmen and obviously appreciate the work of Daniel Clowes (go read ‘David Boring’), I used to read a bit of Manga and old British comics like Beano and Dandy. Though I’ll recommend a graphic novel a friend gave me called ‘Fun Home’ by Alison Bechdel. I’d never heard of it before I read it but it’s littered with literary references and is a kind of graphic memoir, it’s good.

10. What is a typical outfit for you?
Right now it’s all about dressing for my own amusement. I have a growing collection of ‘bed time’ clothes which are wonderfully sickly sweet. I’ve been embracing the t-shirt at the moment; cutting, dying and altering various ones. I like wearing lace bodies and chucking other things on top. Inspiration references include; prom, mall goth, myself at 14, 90’s movie girls and anyone who rocks a perm or high ‘pineapple’ ponytail obviously.

11. What band is your favorite at the moment?!
My iTunes is telling me: Beat Happening, The Softies, Sloppy Joe, Cocorosie, Aztec Camera, Art Van Damme and Sleater-Kinney.
Thanks Sarah! You can visit her on her blog and her tumblr


Hazel said...

Oh cool! This chick's one of my favorite fashion blogs. Loved everything!


20thCgirl said...

Great answers to all the questions - especially the films and growing up in suburbia!

She has a great sense of style.