A Poem for Grrl Virus

Thrifted Top, Skirt from Meg, SSWR Shoes, Vintage Bag

Zines: Revolver, Teenage Grrl Riot, Possible Press, I knew a....3-4

I'm tired
This post is going to be rather short
and in poem form
how do you like that
beef paste

Sticks and Stones Won't Break my bones, idiots will hurt my brain
The Virus is weird
You know, kind of wonky
Like Grasshoppers
The point is
To help people understand
Feminists aren't bra burners
They just want
Gender Equality
Baked Ziti


alix said...

love this outfit, i need a skirt like that badly!!!
nice poem :)

sojourned in style said...

cool poem, a nice repreive from the drowning in sorrow type. It has edge "Feminists aren't bra burners"- brilliant line! that skirt is marvelous and so is that teee! outfit awesomeness

20thCgirl said...

I totally agree about the feminist thing - when my friend said she was a feminist her mum told her to "stop being such a lesbo." That's the kind of ignorant attitude that seems to abound - le sigh.

Gotta love high waisted skirts - and your facial expressions!

Hvit said...

Love the skirt. Love the T-shirt. (God thrift find!) LOVETHOSESHOES. Yeah I know I say that EVERY time you wear them. Sorry.

And good poem. I hate feminist stereotypes- well ALL stereotypes, actually. Good good. Hope you get less tired soon. It's a tiring time of year. (Especially when your school is EVIL and hasn't even finished.[/teen])

meagan said...

thanks for the blog comment! i LOVE your slow and steady shoes - i've only seen stock photos of them and they look even more awesome on a person.

Citizen Kemp said...

I can't read the poem, Roma, but I can decipher BAKED ZITI AND GRASSHOPPER AND BEEF PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flow Disruption said...

I love your poem! Seriously, it's awesome, especially the last few lines. ;) And your skirt, too. I wish I had one like it. :)

Jerrica said...

I like your poses. Cool poem fem part gets a thumbs up.


Fashion Nostalgia

Flow Disruption said...

Hey, your last post isn't showing up for some reason, so I hope you see this. You're an awesome interviewer, of course I'll be your interviewee. ;)

Email - brittneyrankin@comcast.net

Roma said...

Brittney, I temporarily took it off to edit it. I'll send you the questions asap!!