Top from Meghan
Floral Skirt from H&M Tulle Skirt from Family Jewels
Hi pals!
How's it going!! So this past week Meghan and I did a clothes swap which was super duper cool. This top was probably my favorite because of how light and gossamer looking it is, sort of like Meadham Kirchhoff which Claire pointed out to me on tumblr. I love how quirky and in your face MK is, I wish I could dress more like that but honestly, it's hard to in a world full of over opinionated teenagers. As much as everyone (especially us teen bloggers) want to be quirky and individual to the highest degree, we care about what people think to some extent. Even if it's trying to seek that approval of the artsy kids, everyone wants some of it, you know? What are your thoughts on this?
Anyway, my outfit is based of of MK and garish the Garish Marilyn look of the 50's. That's the reason for all of my dope expressions.
OH! Next post is my guest blogger, it's going to be a secret as to who it is, she's talking about feminism and jamz. You'll see on thursday
-Roma in a Coma
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Laura Sherriffs said...

I love this look its soo darn quirky & cute.Definitely looks very editorial-esque

And your lace top is just stunning.


sojourned in style said...

wonderfully quirky match up. the proper top and voluminous skirt, I totally see the MK. so cool. i want quirky and odd so bad but i think the whole inhibition of what people think affects us all to some degree, me especially. that's why I like you roma, you are so bold!

Flow Disruption said...

Holy crap, I want a shirt like that! Absolutely gorgeous, especially with the skirt. I agree with the comment above - very editorial. :)

I love the new layout as well. It goes perfectly with your colourful and quirky style. And yes, quirky is wonderful! I care about what others think sometimes as well, but takin' chances makes life interesting. ;)

M & Em said...

Well, you are officially ADORABLE. I am totally obsessed with these amazing pieces you're wearing. The blouse is just breathtaking. It looks like something that belongs in a museum, and I mean that in the best way possible. And what a fun skirt!