Empty Warehouse

Top: Various Scarves and Gap tank top, vintage skirt, SSWR wedges, Random Bedazzle Beads, Bow from my towns ethnocentric holiday.

Non Outfit Pictures are from Tumblr, duuuh

Hey hey hey
Sorry for my sporadic posting habbits, this is more than likely one of my last posts before finals week. Then I'm taking a week or so off to study. UGGGHHH.
I figured I'd start this post off with a rant. Those are "hip" as you youngins say these days, I generally sympathize my vocabulary with words like "nifty" and "cats pajamas" and "Trollying!"
Anywho, so as a gift I got a book called "The time Traveling Fashionista" It's about this really hip girl in 7th grade who loves chanel and louis vuitton who gets a time traveling dress. Alrighty folks, this really ticks me off, people are like gee roma you like fashion so I'm going to get you a cheesy (insert gift idea here) that about fashion. Most of the time these books are stupid and talk about some stupid rich girls issues.
I think the media's lack of knowledge of fashion really annoys me. Girls I know think that louis vuitton makes only bags with the LV logo all over town. I'm not saying I'm superior but like any other topic ie Music, it's good to be informed of the fashion subculture.
Ugh. I hate the media. I'm going to be a hermit now.

I have to tell you about Megan from Naturally Dapper's Zine.
I loved Megan's zine, she sent it to me via electronic copy.
I thought it was insightful and actually made me think that maybe "popular people" are made by rumors and it's really hard not to be corrupted by that. If you want a better review leave a comment about it and I'll email you ASAP because I'm and internet troll.


Dahl said...

I'm an internet troll too and I live underneath a red polka dotted mushroom in the middle of a place called the blogosphere.
No, really, I looked at Megan's blog and she seems really cool! I hate popular people! How do I get a copy??
livingdoll96@gmail.com http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AH YOU ARE FAR TOO AWESOME FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. What is that item on your head? And more importantly, HOW CAN OBTAIN ONE?!

And all these images are fantastiiiiic.


Hvit said...

Hahaha I LOVE this outfit incredibly much. Thing on head and stickers (or what-ever they are) on forehead = amazing. I need to get back into weird clothes. I've been WAY too pedestrian recently!

The Zine sounds interesting. I've never ever gotten a Zine. I'm a deprived child.

20thCgirl said...

I love the colours / layering of those scarves. You always have such inspiring images as well!

Good luck with finals - exams are the most effective way of torturing the younger of the species I swear.

Also I second Hvit - I've never gotten a Zine either - deprived children we be.

Jen said...

Yes!! Yes!! You are so right!!! People who actually understand fashion should right middle grade books about girls who love fashion, not Scholastic. Or Penguin. Or any other of those publishing houses that keep churning out vampire novels and call them real books.
I would definitely like to hear a review of the zine!! It sounds awesome!!

Jen said...

And oh my gosh!! The Bedazzle jewels!! They're awesome!! :D

the fashion turd said...

awwww....the top picture is absolutely lovely.....love the random things stuck on your face.....you look brill wicked ace rad! x x

Flow Disruption said...

You just get better and better! I love the intensity of the first photo, especially with the random things on your forehead (jewels, stickers?). Whatever, it's awesome! ;)

Citizen Kemp said...

I don't think this busy world should stop everything they're doing to learn about fashion. It's not a big deal roma.