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Hi Folkz.
I really haven't been showcasing any runway collections at all. Runway is fun and doesn't get enough air time on this blog.
Back to "Blogging" now.

ADAM Resort 2012 ADAM Resort 2012
So resort wise I liked Adam, the way the prints were organized was minimalistic and very wearable, however Adam was unbelievably predictable, I thought it's beauty was stunning but honestly this looks like something a 20 year old would wear to Cape Cod. I can't tell if that's the angle Adam was going for or not but it was a little bit too obvious for a resort collection which other designers successfully executed something ironically summery. I really liked how some of the dresses were more like Irish isle brides. I think that was the cat's pajamas and probably the highlight of the show.

Grade: B

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane Resort 2012 Christopher Kane Resort 2012 Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Words fail me for Uncle Chris' resort collection. His conceptual ability in making clothing that is like a sugar high four year old on a motorcycle makes me want to jump. His usage of rainbows and unitentional Morticia Addam's style shapes is raw and amazing. He brought back the 70's paint suit and made it technicolor yawn. Whoever says Christopher Kane is an idiot can go drown in a toilet. Basically it was kind of surreal and sort of like this:

+i could only wish my cat knew how to synth it out = Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Basically I peed my pants.
Grade: A
OH! I'm looking for guest bloggers for a post scheduled for sometime next week. I'm going to be really busy. You can write about anything, feminism, street style, fashion, music. I just need for July 5th. email me submissions at romabkins@gmail.com


Flow Disruption said...

Christopher Kane is the man! He's one of my absolute favourites. And I love your Morticia reference. :) This line reminds me of a young Morticia on an acid trip, listening to Dark Side Of The Moon. ;)

Claire said...

Oh hi there Christopher Kane.
His collections are always so spot on. (A++++++++ imo)

Emilija said...


You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


Hvit said...

I'm in love with Chris Kane too. Mrwwgrh, you summed it up nicely.

I'd write something for that post, but I don't know what about. 0_o

Roma said...

Write about anything! really! I seriously need a guest blogger though


Your writing makes me giggle. I loveee it. AND EEK CHRISTOPHER KANE. It's like acidic rainbows just barfed up. I love it.


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

oh Kane, he knows how to pull at my heartstrings. I just love this so much

20thCgirl said...

Christopher Kane did a collab with Topshop a year or two ago I think - he's a cool customer, but it was still a tad outside of my price range. I love the last image - that JUMPERRR!

Also congrats on finishing your exams :D

Zarna said...

i love the christopher kane collection!

sojourned in style said...

adam, does seem a bit predictable. but christopher kane just blows my amazed eyes away consistently. metallic shorts and rainbow sweater and green heels, it doens't get much better than that