Carmem's Reqiuem

Green Dress: Zara Blue dress worn as skirt: Gap. over gentrified poser shoes: converse

Hello everybody!
To start out thanks to everyone who commented last post, that made my day. This outfit was sort of bounced off a bunch of different ideas. I was sort of trying to go for a funeral for Carmen Miranda. Would someone like Carmen, full of light, have a funeral full of darkness. No one really wants to think about these things but why black? Ugh sorry if I pissed off like half of y'all. I was also incorporating the ideas of my two favorite layering godesses: Savy and Brittney
Brittany always adds really cool prints from her travels and Savy ads eye popping tokyo grunge into her outfits. Hell yeah. Now for a Prom Queen worthy rant. Jeez I have been doing a lot of tagging in this post does that annoy you ?
You know what really bugs me? When bloggers started saying how they hate how people think they know McQueen because they saw him in the met. Why the heck is that such a terrible thing? The whole point of the exhibit was to share McQueen's genius to common non fashion people. Sarah Burton wasn't thinking. Well Gee let's have an exhibit for Lee so all of the snarky corrupt fashion people can look at all of the collections and get nostalgic from when they saw this front row in 2005. I know that explaining my random hate probably is risky because as a blogger I can be a little nervous about loosing readers but seriously guys, this erks me.
Now on a completley different note, Disheveled Trend is now on facebook. "Like" it and stuff. OH! I picked my July interviewee and I'm starting a thing were every post I have a song that I direct your attention to.

This posts song is Slutever's Smells like Milk. Listen to it and tell me what you think!!!


Dahl said...

I totally agree with you about the McQueen exhibit at the Met thing! I mean, museums are there so people can learn, enjoy, explore. Thousands of people visit the Met each day and probably very few ever saw McQueen in person or own some of his clothes. Many probably didn't even know about him before the exhibit. The exhibit is there to showcase and commemorate his best work. Awesome outfit, btdubs. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Meg said...

ugh fashion people can be so elitist. there's no chance of mcqueen's designs somehow being WORSE by being displayed. they are forever going to remain the same genius whether you saw them in 2005 or 2011 so what is to worry about? opening this collection of work up to the masses only allows for everyone to enjoy and appreciate his work and hey, maybe lessen the stigma often associated with the fashion industry as being completely superficial and only about trends and profit? maybe?

on another note, this outfit is so meadham kirchhoff-y and i love it

Zarna said...

that green dress is so fabulous! i love how you wore it - very original!

Emilija said...

Lovely pictures!

You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


Flow Disruption said...

Thanks for the shout out! You are so awesome in every way. :)

This is one of my favourite looks from you! The colour story is brilliant. And the combination of lace (or mesh?) and Converse is very very cool! :)

20thCgirl said...

So true - I hate elitism. Fashion should be democratic - vive la revolution!

Also your print mixing is awesome - I particularly love the colours on the flower print :)