You could easily say It's the best thing since Sliced Bread

Hey y'all.
I've been really busy, my last week of classes is on Tuesday so unfortunately, I have to do my June interview 3 days before June. I also got a zine from Megan which made me really really happy. More on that later.
So for my 3 days before June interview victim, I have chosen Claire, the author of No Time For Chit-Chat. Over the past few months, Claire has quickly became one of my favorite bloggers, her quirky attitude and eclectic style is fresh ideas make her unique from a lot of bloggers. She also has cool sweaters.

1. Who are you? Are you from narnia or something?

I am a fairy that lives in the forbidden forest at Hogwarts. I spend my time chasing unicorns and making everything sparkle. I also eat lot's of cake. But narnia sounds pretty cool too.

2. Who is your number 1 style influence

I wouldn't name any person as a style influence, I'm generally inspired by the things around me. Nature, random people in the street, books, art work, and tumblr/other blogs are where most of my inspiration comes from.

3. Would you say you are a fan girl of anything?

You! Haha and like Rei Kawakubo and Miuccia Prada..... and at one point I may or may not have been a fangirl of the lead singer of a boy band that I won't say the name of...

4. What's your favorite type of cereal?

Anything with lots of sugar and artificial colouring.

5. If you could own anything by any designer, what would it be and WHY?

I can't even answer this! It's too difficult! Maybe something from lumps and bumps or any other piece of Comme Des Garcons really or a really incredible McQueen piece. This is to hard! Decisions...

6. What's your favorite 90's tv show?

Probably My So Called Life. I know its hugely popular on the internet, but it's really excellent and relatable and perfect etc. Definitely worth all the hype!

7. How has living in Canada shaped your style?

Living up north here requires really (and I mean really) heavy winter coats! It's difficult to wear skirts in the winter, even with tights it's really cold, so there are a lot of limits when getting dressed, but then there's more freedom to play with layers! And we have warm summers, so it's not ALWAYS freezing. And for the record we do NOT live in igloos or ride polar bears to school.

8. Are unicorns real?

Of course! Like I said I spend my days in the forbidden forest stalk- I mean chasing them.

9. What's the best thing to do on a Saturday morning?

Painting, working on a DIY or some other randomly creative thing.

Thanks Claire!!
Next post is on monday. NO SCHOOL YEAH WHOOHOO


Zarna said...

she sounds pretty awesome!

enjoy your long weekend :)

Claire said...

Oooh thanks Roma! This makes me feel like a celebrity or something. Haha. :P

20thCgirl said...

Wow it must be really cool to live in Canada (if ffffreezing)

Thanks for the heads up on a cool blog!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh, her blog is very cool, great interview :)

Dahl said...

Sounds like an amazing person! Gosh I love these monthly interviews you have, it portrays so many interesting bloggers... I love My So Called Life as well! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/