Hai there friends
How is your mothers day? How's the weather. Aren't I great at making annoying small talk?! I was originally planning an outfit post but I've been a bit sick so that will have to be postponed until Thursday However, without much else, I bring the fourth! Yes you heard me right. Fourth interview!
This months victim was Kate from the epic blog Kasmslo. She has an awesome sense of style as well as a great sense of humor. She is obsessed with Anna Wintour and is a bit of a Japanese tv fangirl. She also has cool glasses.
1. Let's start things on the right foot. Who are you? What is your origin story?

2. You obviously are an anna wintour fangirl. What's your favorite thing abour anna?

her character and artificial intelligence
3. What is your best thrifting tip?

bring an itemfinder.

4. How has Tavi Gevinson shaped your style?
moe moe kyun.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world were would you go? Also you can take any fictional/real person.

the gold saucer.

6. What is one item of clothing that is vital to your style.

i'm pretty fond of glasses.

7. Do you know were a girl could get a pet dragon?

you could always just summon bahamut.

8. How do you feel about japanese street style?

9. Please find a picture that reminds you of anna wintour's sunglasses


Yippee kay yay cow girl!
Already excited for next interview!!
If you are interested in being a victim of disheveled trend interviewing email me!!


sojourned in style said...

she is so quirky and her own person, she resembles tavi so much. her affinity for japanese culture is charming and anna wintour is a given for us all.

Emily Anne said...

i love her personality!!
hilarious !

20thCgirl said...

Both outfits are great but I especially like the second one - print mixing FTW and lol at her expression.

I'm totally going to try that Ganguro makeup as well (I keed, dw)

Dahl said...

Her obsession with glasses is awesome! Bahaha this is great, I love the "Who Am I?" song. The make-up tutorial is my new video-bible.

the fashion turd said...

i really like her blog....thanks for introducing!! androgony and bizzareness and character and style all rolled into one small girl!

Savannah Burton said...

This girl might be amazing! thanks for sharing!!

chloé said...

hey roma !

long time. its my fault i know. anyway, i like kasmslo's individuality. how have you been? cant wait for your outfit post.


Phoebedeirdra said...

O HAI ROMA. wait... is that... PHOEBES EXISTENCE??? i didnt think THAT was real. yeah. so basically, you are wonderful for remembering who i am after my disgustingly long absence and your tumblr message made me happy but guilty because i have completely neglected my legit blog for so long. but... dont worry, im in the states! and i am still here, i just havent posted in ages and i need to get back on track... be inspired or something. i also want my first official post back to be interesting, and you know, good. So i suppose i will next post... when I feel like it? yes, i suppose. I know that doesnt sound promising, but a new post is coming soon. I jut need to get my act together. but till then, i will be FOREVER TUMBLR CRUSHING ON YOU. also, this is a response to your question that you sent me on tumblr. i just wanted to put it here, in comment form so you would know i still existed in the blogosphere.
LOVE! <3

HF said...

That girl is amazing. The reviews you do are so awesome as they introduce people to such awesomness in other blogs. Very cool.

And thank you for the nice-nesses about my wedges. I'm slightly in love with them too. :D And yep, my photos are awesome. ;) Ha!

Amber Renee said...

Super cute post!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh, i have loved her blog for a while now, so cool! Really enjoyed this interview :D :D