In Cat Years I'd be 105

In this outfit: Top is Gap, Skirt is an extra big Vintage Scarf, Bag is Vintage, Necklace is DIY

catladysoul:  cobranoir:  METAL MAGAZINE Jil Sander  METAL is my #1 favorite magazine ever. I want to work there so bad I would walk around nude for a week if it got me a job there.

Hi Pals!
Sorry I haven't posted in nearly forever. I've been sick all week/having problems with ma camera. How's life been in the 6 long days I've been out of the blogosphere?
Well! Today is my birthday! I'm 15! Can you believe it?! I can already see wrinkles in my skin! Hahaha. I've been really bored lately and really uninspired, however, this outfit was inspired by the tripiness of gypsy kitsch and old school Jil Sander. I wanted to create the image that i was some gypsy queen coming out of a caravan. I can't tell if I've failed miserably because I am super biased.
I can't believe how little I have left of school, summer is just a thought in the breeze with the insaneness of finals. JUST BECAUSE I'M A FRESHMEN DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T FEEL STRESSY TOO!!!!! Jee, dontcha love caps lock.
Oh!! Guess what! I picked June's interviewee! Yay! Woohoo! Breakfast!
Not sure what that was about.
Well you cool cats!
Try not to miss me, I'm planning a post for Monday, the idea is in Stone.


sojourned in style said...

I see the jil sander gypsy mixture, an a very cool combination indeed! the silky textures are awesome, your stare into the camera is pretty intense!

Claire said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SUPER AWESOME PERSON! (gee, I'm so creative today, you'd think I could've come up with a better word than "person")
Or do you prefer alien ninja? Hehe.
Why did I not think of wearing of scarf as a skirt? SO PRETTY.

Dahl said...

happy birthday!!! What a totally rad outfit, the lone stick of deodorant in the background just makes the photo.

HF said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENGUIN! Yeah I don't know, but hope it was fandappydosey. :D

I thought gypsy when I saw the outfit at the top, and then when I read your comments I was like, OH YEAH it was gypsy-ish inspired. Your scarf as skirt thing you have going is really pretty awesome. :D

And thank you for the comments on my blog. I was all :3 when I read them/read them, um tenses got lost but yeah. :D:D:D

melina bee said...

happy birthday, enjoy that parasol

Jen said...

Your umbrella is awesome!!!
And I hope you feel better!! Being sick sucks.

Savannah Burton said...

Happy birthday! I can see the wrinkles in my face as well :) Never fear! You look great! Your really has progressed over the couple of months that I've known you..

20thCgirl said...

Happy Birthday! That print on the scarf is gawjuss.

You should totally check out gypsy punk - its awesome. Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple, personal fave :)its crazy in a good way

Jessica said...

happy (belated) birthday! lookin' funky and sweet!

Zarna said...

happy birthday!!!!!!

loving the jil sander ad too!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

You're TOTALLY rockin' the gypsy girl. LOOOVEEEEEE IT. And that skirt/ scarf as a skirt is WAY AWESOME. It look so sliiiiinkkkky and soft.

And, um, oh yeah...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gosh, you are oldddddd.



chloƩ said...

you should be the president of my non-existent club. its called "we the cool people" (:

love yah Roma