Blank Card Deck

Gap Cardigan, H&M Collar, Necklace from a bookstore

photo credz: my tumblr, alex prager week-end, fudge yeah comme des garcons tumblr, room with a view still, russh magazine march 2010 editorial.


Dahl said...

Awesome photos. CDG!! Haha, something about "necklace from a bookstore" just cracks me up. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

the fashion turd said...

hello roma!

20thCgirl said...

Wow you have big eyes - and that is some stare!

Great photos as always, I love the comme des garcons one with the mix of muted vibrant colours and i'm-so-over-it expression.

Miu Miu collarz FTW!

Hvit said...

Ha, I'm studying Room with a View, and also that pile of blue dusk is art by Anish Kapoor, an artist. I was looking at him for my art lessons! How weird. :D

I like Peter Pan collars. :D

Roma said...

hvit: that is really cool. I love a room with a view.

Izumihiiiflower said...

thank you very much <3