Print Pop Star


Hi there!
Sorry for not posting a lot this week! Ugh I've been so busy with Passover cooking and such! How are all of you? Thanks for all of the comments last post, that was amazing!

Anywayz, my outfit was trying to be all tsumori chisato with all of my wacky prints. I love Tsumori Chisato, she is a godessssss. I've basically been vegatating most of break and let me say, my progress in becoming a carrot is excellent! (I am making just as little sense in my head than in my writing)

I also have been listening to the mariner's revenge, the decembirists freak me out a little bit but at the same time I feel inspired.

Oh an P.S it's almost may and if any of you are interested in being interviewed please contact me!!

In this outfit; Skirt: Thrifted (purple) H&M (floral pales) and H&M Scarf (Vines) Top H&M , Blazer also H&M. Shoes are thrifted and Happy Socks.


Meg said...

eeee you look so cute! i really like the lilac skirt action you've got there, i want my hair that colour. and aren't happy socks the best?! i treat them like they're gold

sojourned in style said...

mixing goddess right here! love the floral combinations with a hint of green and some polka dotted socks of course!

Eline said...

Oh man, I love your layering and patterns here so much. And your shoessss!

20thCgirl said...

That blazer! Om nom nom.

Claire said...

THE PRINTS! You are perfect. THis is perfect. Your shoes are perfect. Everything is perfect.
How many skirts/ pieces of clothing are wearing? It's rather confusing (but that just makes it even more amazing).

HF said...

Shoes and jacket and everything, (print mixing!) umf!
(That was a noise of appreciation apparently) Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! :3
You're soo cuute!! I love the prints. (:

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Hehe. You're so silly. I love how you write. It's FUN. Just like your style! Mixing prints is the best. I loooove all the layers and textures. Like that green scarf thing wrapped on your waist? I don't know what it is? BUT IT'S FABULOUS. It just screams SPRRRRING.



chloé said...

print mixing ! wow thats a talent roma ! and you are calling me cool ?! pfft


p.s. gimme that blazer and i will give you my anything.

Izumihiiiflower said...

him crazy about your socks!!! i need this!