If I was older I'd reminiss about the good times

Well hello there!
This is my 50th post. Omg! I am really happy about my sucess with actually keeping a relavent intrest.
Anyway this post is sort of an anniversairy post because I won't be able to do a year anniversarty. Crap this is getting really repetitive.

I thought I would adress a couple things in this video. I'd try to amuse you more but I sort of have a headache. Anyway, I'm wearing and h&m blouse and clown pants. My shoes are thrifted and my bag is a DYI proj I did earlier. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FASHION GODS MAKE STUFF TOO EXPENSIVE, TEEN GIRLS THAT HAVE TO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS ATTEMPT AT REPLICATING THEM.

This video basically sums up a bit about why I am interested in fashion. Feel free to talk about why you personally like fashion. All opinions are the coolest.

Thanks for 50 posts!



Dahl said...

Arg! I can't hear anything on the video. It's kind of interesting just watching your mouth and stuff and how you make words, makes me realize how weird it would be to be deaf and have to read lips. Anyway, congrats on the 50th post anniversary!!

Roma said...

Dahl : crap! I'll have to redo that!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Happy 50th post!!!! I couldn't hear the sound on the video though!!
wait, just saw that you commented to fix it!!

Yajaira said...

congrats on your 50th post
thanks for the comment on my blogpage
hope you follow

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Haha I feel like a god now!!!! :D Thank you for mentioning me!!!
I so agree with your views on fashion!! And your jokes are not stupid!! :D
I like fashion because, well, for starters I got into fashion last year in 7th grade when my mom got me a Teen Vogue with Taylor Lautner on the cover to bring to my school camping trip. And that's why I started my blog actually. But since I've gotten more and more into fashion, I realized that Teen Vogue, like you said about the Devil Wears Prada, isn't really fashion, it's just the glam-zombie people who strut around in stilettos all the time and write books and blogs about their fabulous lives like Carrie Bradshaw. I've never really liked the whole hipster cult thing going on, I just like when people dress well and with individuality. And with bright colors and 80's prints. :D
Fashion for me is a way to tell people who you are without talking. Man that was cheesy. But I don't really think about that when I get up in the morning and throw something on!!
I really admire how you and other fashion bloggers are so good at documenting not only your personal style but also your opinions on the trend scene around you. I've tried countless times having a fashion blog but it's always ended with me outside trying to take outfit pictures with my tripod with the neighbor's dog barking at me. So basically it was a fail.
Sorry for the long long comment!!!

Roma said...

Jen, no! I love your comment! it basically told me you care enough to give me feedback. see i am also a master at corny expressions. don't feel bad. thanks!!

Claire said...

You make the greatest jokes ever, just saying! (no sarcasm)
I've always been into fashion as a whole. I've always dreamed of being a designer since I was a little kid, though now I don't feel that It's really where I belong. But I never really started getting into it until about 2 years back when I discovered... wait for it... the INTERNET.
Initially I went on the Teen Vogue website like CONSTANTLY. But I think that really helped, it gave me a basic "education" about the industry. And from there I started reading blogs and so on. Eventually I became obsessed with not so much the fashion industry (it's a little too cookie cutter for me, like, I dislike Vogue US/ any other boring magazine like it so much for the fact that it's TELLING YOU what you should be wearing and I don't find it to be all the groundbreaking, to be honest) , but with fashion as art, people using it as a creative outlet, personal style, self expression etc.
Which was a HUGE revelation for me.
I accept that alot of people think of fashion as whatever celebrities are wearing, or things like "chanel is god... who's karl what's his name?", "I heart pumps" "Omg v-neck, I LOVE v-necks!" (I've heard people say all these things). Personally that's not fashion to me and I find these people rather ignorant, ill-informed and over all very close-minded.
That aside, I really get what you mean about being part of something. I'm that "quiet kid" (though I can be rather chatty, I just don't like people enough), so I don't have a huge amount of friends, I spend most of my time at home alone, the only places I really feel like I belong are in art class, and on the internet in the blogging/fashion community.
That was a REALLY long comment. Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, I'm kind of rambling. :D

Roma said...

claire: I feel the same way about people who think they know about fashion. i realize i sound really pertentious and can't spell here. Anyway, your right as much as i love anna wintor american vogue is dressing the entire country and isn't always that cool. i love vogue nippon (adr is a star) and pop oh and fruits. But yeah i see were your going teen vogue was my fashion bible at first and now its more like paris vogue and lula.
oh and all of you are awesome, I way appreciate the long comments i read them like 8 times

sojourned in style said...

nice! 50 posts! cool clown pants, I need to get me a pair. and I agree whole heartedly with this: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FASHION GODS MAKE STUFF TOO EXPENSIVE, TEEN GIRLS THAT HAVE TO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS ATTEMPT AT REPLICATING THEM.- so so so true. great video, your inherent sarcasm is amazing! I got into fashion by accident to, I was never at the tender age of 5 sewing sweaters and whatnot and for a good chunk of life never had an interest in it. and one day, literally one day I got hooked and haven't gone back since. this like got to an obsession with polyvore and than I gusssied up the nerve to get a blog. and now it just fits to where I want to be. you made a good point about fashion not being soley on the devil wears prada and high fashion people although I agree their "gods" to be worshipped daily, normal average folks can fill in the spaces of this category to. reminds me of what carine roitfeld said about fashion being about style not money. great post!

chloé said...


oh em gee (im just being annoying)

wow, this is what they should teach at school. seriously!! you have some amazing points and i agree that fashion is not (or should not be) about the amount of money you spent on that bag or which celebrity wore your jacket or anything. fashion is basically expressing yourself through materials and its a good way to find your identity. for me, if you like something, i think you should just go for it, you know. i think a lot of kids or teens are influenced by "oh what will people think of my real style, hmm i should just hide and wear what everybody else is wearing, to not to look like a freak". WELL! you know what? newsflash!! i dont care if im called a freak. i love being a freak. i wear a Tshirt with 'FREAK' written on it. who cares? people, who you are is who you are. nothing should change it. you can be fashionable by wearing unexpensive stuff. there are thrift stores forgodssake! and im glad some of us realised this. (yes roma its you my fellow freak, <-- thats a compliment btw)

thanks for mentioning this concept roma. you are just too awsum (: and totally HAWT !


Flow Disruption said...

This may sound really weird, but ... you've got a really nice voice. ;)

I say that because my one insecurity has always been my voice. It's not especially weird, just quiet. I think it's part of why I became interested in fashion as a kid. I put together crazy outfits (aprons with knee pads, that kinda thing) to make a statement without having to actually say anything. Then, of course, it became more of a lifestyle, because I love all kinds of art, not just fashion, but yeah, that's my little story. Art and style were my "voice" (deep, I know).

And I think you're totally right, having your own style is a great way to be an individual. And a great way to have integrity. It's awesome you understand that at 14. Keep it up! :)

Flow Disruption said...

My verification word for that last response was "impower". No joke.

Meg said...

eeeeeee a clothing swap would be so awesome! i'm definitely not as tiny as you are so i hope you have some drapier things, but yes we should definitely do it. email me and we'll set something up if you want?!


<3meghan<3 hehehehe