Can you write a haiku about seven ways to live?

In this outfit: Top, H&M. Dress worn as skirt: Gap. Leggings: Target. Wedges: SSWR. Scarf: Vintage Givenchy.

Hi thar!!
It's me your grandmother's sister's ex-boyfriend's pet liger!
This week I have been listening to quite a lot of the flaming lips and Blondie. Therefore most of my outfits have been really loud and trippy looking. Of course this leads to neanderthal freshman boys asking me why I look like a freak/high. I think highschoolers are too conforming. It's like I walk in and everyone is like. "HOLLY CRAPP FREE THINKER! SHUNNNNN!!!!" I am going to be so bitter when I'm older.
I'm still going through my scarves my g-ma sent me. I love this one. Mainly because it's givenchy and makes me feel special. Also because I love the crazy art-deco zig zags. It's so nostalgic, reminding me of the good old days when I played with blocks and drew on myself with crayola's.
In other unrelated news, I have narrowed down it down to 4 blogs for my may interview. This could be you. You should probably ponder this for long periods of time. Are you excited yet?
I'm going to tag Bella for making a good point about why fashion is secretly corrupt. Like you didn't see the truth coming. I'm also tagging Claire for being awesome and my fan girl. She also does posts that are cool. Yay for taggingg.

Photo Credits: Yoshimi, Spirited away film still, Comme Dress Partay, She's So high.


Marlena said...

I really love the pattern mixing you did here! And that parasol! Too cute <3

Sasssquatch said...

The patterns are amazing
and dont let those h8rz faze you
I'm almost out of highschool and I cannot wait till I can surround myself with college free thinkers!!

your scarves are as lovely as your blog
(which is extremely lovely)


Anonymous said...

You look like Emma Watson in the first picture which is truly a lifetime acheivement... no seriously you really do look like her there.
And are the wedges SSWR as in Slow and Steady Wins the Race? Usually I see it as SSWTR but whatever I'm stupid

sojourned in style said...

epic mix. cool scarf, leggings combined and clashed brilliantly. hang in there while high school lasts, free thinkers I hear are highly accepted in the fashion industry.

HF said...

Okay this whole outfit is just brilliant. Leggings and skirt and everything. I'm jealous your Grandma gives you Givenchy scarves! ;)

And every-time you wear those wedges I'm also jealous. Wow how jealous. :D

Haha I'll just be quiet now.

Roma said...

madeline and sophie: yes they are slow and steady wins the race. I've posted them with the full name but i was getting frustrated by it.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

Sophie said...

Thank you ! Short hair is cool, so cool =) Love your awesome outfit !

Claire said...

Those leggings are insane! You are like a god of print mixing!
Hehe. Howsweet of you! Thanks for the tag! :)

Dahl said...

haha terrific photo! I love the little parasol, and the givenchy scarf, and the way you're looking off camera at someone who just beat you really bad at pinball. Spirited away! That movie gave me equal terror and excitement when I was little. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

20thCgirl said...

Eeee that scarf is beautiful.

I admire you for having the courage to be an individual in High School - so many people just mindlessly follow the crowd, it takes courage to stand out. The people who don't get it/make stupid comments are small-minded cowards.

Someone should do a fanvid of Spirited Away set to a Blondie track!

Eline said...

I don't think you'll be bitter when you're older! I think the ones who think you're a freak now will be bitter later on in life! You are currently experimenting in expressing yourself, and most importantly your not afraid to be yourself whereas most others are too scared and are too concerned to fit in. When you have the latter attitude as a teen, it's much harder to be yourself when you get older and a lot scarier. I don't know though, I was in art school in high school so everyone was a freak there (it was awesome).

Also you look fabulous!

Jen Eat World said...

HAHAHAHA "Holy crap free thinker shunn!!!" So true!!!
Your leggings are so awesome!! Floral is awesome in general!!
And ugh the name of the movie from the third picture is on the tip of my tonge... this is gonna bug me all day!!
Don't let those stupid high school losers/clones/people-sent-out-to-destroy-free-thinkers stop you from being awesome!!
Ahh!! Excessive use of awesome and exclamation points in this comment!! Sorry!!
Great post!!!

Zarna said...

love that first photo - you always look so cool roma!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I like the title of your post. It's very intriguing! J'adoooore.

ANd you look fabouuuush, as always. I'm loving the mixing of the prints. Because, you know, THATS JUST SOMETHING I LOVE.

And hahaha. Liger. I haven't heard that term since, like, Napolean Dynamite. Pft, so grade six. I love it.

Stay fabuuuuuulous!


Citizen Kemp said...

Ugly Fruitlike
Happy Too Happy And Sad
Moody And Oddish