Can you write a haiku about seven ways to live?

In this outfit: Top, H&M. Dress worn as skirt: Gap. Leggings: Target. Wedges: SSWR. Scarf: Vintage Givenchy.

Hi thar!!
It's me your grandmother's sister's ex-boyfriend's pet liger!
This week I have been listening to quite a lot of the flaming lips and Blondie. Therefore most of my outfits have been really loud and trippy looking. Of course this leads to neanderthal freshman boys asking me why I look like a freak/high. I think highschoolers are too conforming. It's like I walk in and everyone is like. "HOLLY CRAPP FREE THINKER! SHUNNNNN!!!!" I am going to be so bitter when I'm older.
I'm still going through my scarves my g-ma sent me. I love this one. Mainly because it's givenchy and makes me feel special. Also because I love the crazy art-deco zig zags. It's so nostalgic, reminding me of the good old days when I played with blocks and drew on myself with crayola's.
In other unrelated news, I have narrowed down it down to 4 blogs for my may interview. This could be you. You should probably ponder this for long periods of time. Are you excited yet?
I'm going to tag Bella for making a good point about why fashion is secretly corrupt. Like you didn't see the truth coming. I'm also tagging Claire for being awesome and my fan girl. She also does posts that are cool. Yay for taggingg.

Photo Credits: Yoshimi, Spirited away film still, Comme Dress Partay, She's So high.


Coat her in ivory and send her down the ganges like a barbie doll

Hat, My mothers. Dress, Urban Outfitters. Lower Skirt, Random Scarf. Cardigan, H&M (the precious) Bag, Vintage

Moodboard: Mom's hat, Vintage Purse, Blondie CD (remember those?) Turkish Tooth Box, Jane Eyre Book, Fan from modeling as a 6 yr old, current ny times style magazine.

run run deco star

So this is essentially what i wore yesterday. I miserably attempted to incoorporate the over posted givenchy fw11 rtw stuff. Yay! I was up for the weekend in new york were my grandmother handed me over some silk scarves and a vintage handbag. OF course, I acted like a selfish glutton and pretended I was smeagol (I do a really creepy smeagol impression, pretty bad a**) This was my face when someone touched my precious.
Sorry, you obviously could care less about my crazy schemes. I finally was inspired by something! Party Town! I wish i wore this today so I could take less creepy and mysterious outfit pictures that make me look posessed. Oh the wonders of taking pictures at 8:30 at night *_*
Anyway! Spring is finally here! I am making a Karl Lagerfeld tribute shirt which I will hopefully post thursday. I LOVVE KARL LAGERFELD. Wow this post is getting kind of weird, also not very fashion related. WHATEVER DUDE. OMG GUESS WHO GOT NOMINATED FOR PROM QUEEN?!!!!!!?! Carrie from the Steven King Novel. Did you think I was going to say the ultra sexy beast that I am? Lol.
Here is some random inspo to close this off.

i don’t know what to say

first pic via Paper or plastic. Last two from my tumblr.



Print Pop Star


Hi there!
Sorry for not posting a lot this week! Ugh I've been so busy with Passover cooking and such! How are all of you? Thanks for all of the comments last post, that was amazing!

Anywayz, my outfit was trying to be all tsumori chisato with all of my wacky prints. I love Tsumori Chisato, she is a godessssss. I've basically been vegatating most of break and let me say, my progress in becoming a carrot is excellent! (I am making just as little sense in my head than in my writing)

I also have been listening to the mariner's revenge, the decembirists freak me out a little bit but at the same time I feel inspired.

Oh an P.S it's almost may and if any of you are interested in being interviewed please contact me!!

In this outfit; Skirt: Thrifted (purple) H&M (floral pales) and H&M Scarf (Vines) Top H&M , Blazer also H&M. Shoes are thrifted and Happy Socks.


Russian Ballerina

What's New Pussy Cats?
So Spring break is here! I found the perfect opportunity to take outfit pictures today. I actually really like this outfit (not to sound self absorbed.) However my neighbors got a real kick of it. I was happily watching telivision when one of the cheerleaders stops in front of my house with one of her cheer fam sisters and points and laughs at me. Sorry for being an individual. Who does that?!

Anyway, this outfit was inspired by Prabal Gurung FW11 and a weird poster my dad got in Moscow in the 80's. By the way, does anyone know what that says? In this outfit I was really trying to channel russian ballerina.
Prabal Gurung Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearPrabal Gurung Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearPrabal Gurung Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearPrabal Gurung Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
I love how the last look reminds me of an austrian dutchess or some sort of wealthy bussiness woman. I love Prabal Gurung, he has such a fresh eye in fashion. Each of his designs are so fluid. I honestly can't say there was a look that I really didn't like. He sort of copied something Karl did last year. Whatever.

So uhh, yeah, I'm wearing a vintage tutu (I am obsessed with it, I posted it here) a sweater my aunt wore in the 80's, scarf made by my other aunt. (Jeez my aunts give me a lot of stuffs) Target leggings, and of course my slow and steady wins the race wedges.

Oh! I almost forgot! Next post I'm going to scan my possible press zine that came with my shoes. Yummyyy.

credits: Russian Space Man ( my own) Talking heads (via silence sweetheart)


If I was older I'd reminiss about the good times

Well hello there!
This is my 50th post. Omg! I am really happy about my sucess with actually keeping a relavent intrest.
Anyway this post is sort of an anniversairy post because I won't be able to do a year anniversarty. Crap this is getting really repetitive.

I thought I would adress a couple things in this video. I'd try to amuse you more but I sort of have a headache. Anyway, I'm wearing and h&m blouse and clown pants. My shoes are thrifted and my bag is a DYI proj I did earlier. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FASHION GODS MAKE STUFF TOO EXPENSIVE, TEEN GIRLS THAT HAVE TO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS ATTEMPT AT REPLICATING THEM.

This video basically sums up a bit about why I am interested in fashion. Feel free to talk about why you personally like fashion. All opinions are the coolest.

Thanks for 50 posts!



Street Style Bloggers are cool because you have no trouble finding pictures for interviews.

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, this is the last week of 3rd quater for school so I've been swamped with tests and shenanagans. I'm really excited to tell you that I have actually pulled through with this interview conquest and this is my third installment. Omg! Also I am even more happy to tell you that my next post will in fact be my 50th post on this blog!

Anyway, Zarna is my next interview. Zarna has been one of my favorite bloggers for an extensive period of time. She has a wonderful bollywood flair to all of her outfits. Also, she is an amazing commenter and a generally fun person to read about. Oh and she has amazing shoes. Don't worry you'll see them in a second.

1. What or who would you say has the greatest influence n your style?

My culture – I love mixing Indian & American pieces!

2. What about living in Nashville should people know about? Any stores you are obsessed with?! Nashville isn’t just for honky tonks and country music – we have lots of style, culture, and trendy places! My favorite stores are UAL, Local Honey, and Savant Vintage. They are all such amazing little stores J.


3. What is your catchphrase?

Stayfabulous J

4) Muffins or Cupcakes? Cupcakes!! I’m slightly obsessed…I love red velvet cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream frosting. The best ones ever are at my favorite cupcake store called Buttercream, which is in Miami.

Final 1/13 2

5) How have your Indian roots influenced your style?

I incorporate lots of Indian clothing & pieces into my wardrobe. I also love wearing bright colors, which the Indian culture is known for!

6) If you could have a dinner party with anyone in fashion who would it be?

Anna Dello Russo, The Sartorialist, and Brad Goreski. I feel like I could learn so much from all of them – they’re all very individual and fabulous!


7)What is the one things your closet you wear the most?

My white tees! I literally feel like I wear a white tee almost everyday…I think I need to limit myself to once or twice a week!

8) If you could go back in time where would you go?

My parents wedding, how amazing would that be??

9) Finally, what is your favorite thing you’ve seen this spring?

Pastels! I’m always wearing bright colors, but I really want to get some beautiful pastel pieces – they’re so soft and gorgeous!DSC_0066

Told you she had cool shoes. You can check her out in a couple places: her blog, and her vogue india blog. To close this, here is a polyvore set that highlights her style. Yay.

east meets west. zarna sutri