South Pacific Sleep Deprivation Syndrome

Hi dudes.
So this is what I wore to school today. Well minus the tacky pink roller blades, they're called Marlee, which unfortunatley sounds like a hooker name. No ofense if you have a friend who spells their name that way but omg like it totally sounds like a stripper name. Whoah there lassie that was a lot of ramblingg! bling. ring. sting. badabing. What the hell was that. Sleep deprived teenager alert! I swear I am going to die with all of this schoolwork. Anywaysss I wore this sick tee that the entire outfit was based around. It's called The Odyssey Squared. *pause for dramatic affect* This was a really crappy picture that does no justice to the top. The coat is h&m, the varsity patch I got for sucessfuly not killing myself in ski racing. Tights are from target. THAT AWFUL FREAKING SKIRT THAT IS IN LIKE ALL OF MY PICTURES. Lets just call it she who must be incenerated. I'm also wearing an intense girl scout patch. Let's clap at my amazing feats. I actually got this idea at my hs' battle of the bands. IT WAS PREETTYYY SICCCKKK! Here's a clip someone who isn't me took of one of them. Uncle Joes Comb now you can officialy stalk me. I also made a mood board. I am to lazy to credit it! Oh well! Next post is Prada ss11 fantasy lookbook. DAMN MIUCCIAA!
Prada collezione P/E 2011: tutte le immagini foto 7 | Shoes Stylosophy
these shoes complete me
oh and um the two non outfit pics are from fruits issue 6 and the back of a pink floyd lp


Claire said...

Can I just say I love the jacket with patch andthe tights together? The vibes here are so great.

Riot Nrrd said...

Yes, Jedi's forvevererever!!! I just love this post. How sick are those skates? I dug out my old ones recently (not nearly as neat, though) and I've been trying to start skating again... but *cough* probably not going to be the next Derby Girl. Anyway.

Leather & Lace said...

feeling very highschool! love it!


Francesca said...

haha what a fun outfit!

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Jen in the Purple Pants said...


Savannah Burton said...

LOVE THE SKATES! I love roller skating :)

sojourned in style said...

cool mix. the rocker feel of the tee and denim is so great with the bright pink tights! the rollar skates are a nice touch :) Miuccia Prada is intenseeee!

chloƩ said...

oh i have so many reasons to follow this blog ! rollerblades ! hell yes (:

Anonymous said...

love it! keep the inspiration coming!


Zarna said...

those sneakers are awesome, as are the beautiful blue wedges!

original seed said...

i am so addicted to FRUiTS

Sasssquatch said...

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

why have I not seen your blog before!!!

you are so cute!
I love your writing, I feel like I'm in your brain!
your outfit is so cute
I love the bright colors I love it all!

and those roller blades are AH-MAH-ZIIIIING!!
lets be bffflzzzz

Julia said...

The white skirt is beautiful! I love lace!

I haven't seen your blog before but it's totally awsome! following of course!

visit me at: www.whenithinkoffashion.blogspot.com

Jessica said...

aw, you are too sweet! glad you visited- following you, follow back?

you are so fun! you look adorable.

melina bee said...

pink tights <3

Flow Disruption said...

Pink Floyd, baby! Favourite band of all time! Those patches are pretty bangin' as well. ;)

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

you have such gorgeous and funky outfits!!your blog is spectacular!=)