The song Doll Parts would be a lot better if courtney love said doll farts every so often

Sorry to take the ultra-mod edgy vibes away from this post but it's true. I think it would be hilarious.
Wow that was unrelated to like, life? I've been listening to The xx's. I'm really confused because I don't like eminem or kelly osborne but I totally "got the love" listening to their stuff.
Here are 3 more pictures my friend took of me earlier in the month.
This was the first pic on the whole film role. I am obviously confused because I can't seem to understand this

I I was attempting to be super edgy and all Natalie Portman from Black swan.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I am obviously not on unicorn spit.
Well that is all of the pics she printed. I'll put these in an online album so y'all can enjoy our shenanagans forevverrr.
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To end this post, this song totally is my new favorite. This is the third time I listened to it today!
Oh and I now am on tumblr, follow me and we'll be bffs. It's on my sidebar dudes.


sojourned in style said...

intense glares and dramatic poses. love em. amazing song!!!

Zarna said...

loving those first few photos - so artsy :)

Anonymous said...

love the development of these photos. I seriously thought you were an unhappy child from the 60's :] In a really pretty way. haha.

TOPCOAT said...

really love the song, it's one of my favorites! xx

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

haha love your "super-edgy Natalie Portman in Black Swan" face expression!!
Great pictures!!

biotechnology said...

Hey, thank You for a comment! :)
These picture are very mature and I'm suprised You are only 14! I hope your passion for blogginq will not end up soon.
Florence is amazing as always, I just love her songs. And the lady with colorful hair is totally crazy - but in a good way ;D

AWOL said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! this is amazing post!
you go girl :)

chloé said...

HAI ROMAAA !! how yu bin (just trying the chinese accent, i know lame -_-) im sorry i dont post very frequently and i have an adequate (!) excuse. i wrote it down as a reply for your comment :D seriously im thinking i should get a life.


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Have you seen Black Swan already? I really want to see it, but my mum won't let me! ;~; Were the costumes amazing? I bet they were! Afterall, Rodarte designed them....

Roma said...

audrey: no I haven't actually watched it for the same reason you have. I'm 14 and my mom usually says no to rated r movies in the theaters. I hope to see it on DVD!!
Chloe: lol your excuse it valid. half of my school friends do that

Mitchie said...

Hey what's up little unicorn??? :D

A said...

the pictures look really cool!
cute blog!

Flow Disruption said...

Roma! I love the first 3 pictures, especially the third one. You've got such great facial features, I think you could do a lot of interesting things with photos/drama. I'd love to see more. And the inspiration is awesome, as always. ;)