Savy: The epic interview

Jeez Louise!

I can't believe it! I'm actually frequently posting again. I've basically planned all my posts for the next month (coming up, oscar dresses and the mysterious space elevator) Well, since it is march it is time for an interview! Now watch my akwardly segeway into something like the mystical, confused, english student I am.

Savy is probably the most recent blogger I have became obsessed with. She always wears vibrant prints pairing them with her kooky doc martens or most excellent shoes. Savy has a sort of humor that I love. It's very dry and not forced. Her blog is "A Witches Style" Anyway, here is the interview I did with her earlier:
1. What inspires your outfits?

Outfit inspiration can vary depending on what my mood, surroundings, movies that I have recently watched, books that I have read, music videos, art, etc.
2. What is the true meaning of being a teen feminist

Feminism, to put it candidly is the belief that women and men alike should obtain equal rights under the law. It is as simple as that. I don't believe that teen feminists are in any way different, besides the fact that they've acquired a worldly sense of wisdom earlier than most.
3. What is your favorite pizza topping spelled backwords.
eseehc taog

4. What do you want people to know about living in Texas.

Well first and foremost, It's essential for foreigners to know that we Texans carry guns, ride horses when traveling long distance and take rodeo class rather than the customary and monotonous P.E :) Yeehaw!
5. Where do you find your favorite pieces of clothing? What is your favorite thing you own?
Well, I frequent our local "Garland Thrift" where I often leave with more pairs of shoes than I can carry. Another favorite of mine is Dolly Python and Bon Ton Vintage. I've never departed without a couple of trinkets :) I could never choose a favorite piece! (of clothing)

6. If you could dye your hair any color in the universe or any pattern what would it be.
Hmmm.... Definitely a pastel of some sort. I'm between pink, blue and a really light purple. So light it is almost pink. What do you think?

7. What is your favorite movie

My favorite movie would have to be between Ghost World and Beetle Juice.
8. What's your favorite magazine?

My favorite magazine are Pop, Lula and Dazed and Confused

10. Would your rather be on Saturday Night Live or be the editor of FRUiT'S?

What do you think?!

Thanks Savy!
Already brain storming stuff for april!
To close this interview, I made a polyvore set for Savy highlighting her style



Savannah said...


melina bee said...

I like how your questions have evolved.
her blog's a lot of fun, I want a clear bubble umbrella like that

sojourned in style said...

great interview. her response to the Texas question was wildly funny. this gal's got a great sense of humour! she is fantastically bold and unabashedly so.

Kim said...

Yayy Savy! This is an awesome interview (:

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Yay for Savy and her Arthur bag!!!!! Love her answer to the Texas question!!! She is hilarious!!!
Awesome interview!!!

Phoebedeirdra said...

Roma, you are awesome. I would say the same for Savy but roma ALREADY DID so there is no need. I love you guys both. <3

Zarna said...

great interview! she has seriously amazing style!

Anonymous said...

There's mah gurrrl, all grown up and getting interviewed. I remember the good ol' days. *tear wipe*
Bahahaha no, no matter how possessive I am of Savy (she is pretty much my excuse for being so uncreative, she is totally awesome so at least I can say "Well I'm friends with Savannh!"), as her 2nd mother I will let her be interviewed.
Wow I am so strange.

Isabel said...

Favourite blog. She is so freakin' cool.