The song Doll Parts would be a lot better if courtney love said doll farts every so often

Sorry to take the ultra-mod edgy vibes away from this post but it's true. I think it would be hilarious.
Wow that was unrelated to like, life? I've been listening to The xx's. I'm really confused because I don't like eminem or kelly osborne but I totally "got the love" listening to their stuff.
Here are 3 more pictures my friend took of me earlier in the month.
This was the first pic on the whole film role. I am obviously confused because I can't seem to understand this

I I was attempting to be super edgy and all Natalie Portman from Black swan.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I am obviously not on unicorn spit.
Well that is all of the pics she printed. I'll put these in an online album so y'all can enjoy our shenanagans forevverrr.
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To end this post, this song totally is my new favorite. This is the third time I listened to it today!
Oh and I now am on tumblr, follow me and we'll be bffs. It's on my sidebar dudes.


South Pacific Sleep Deprivation Syndrome

Hi dudes.
So this is what I wore to school today. Well minus the tacky pink roller blades, they're called Marlee, which unfortunatley sounds like a hooker name. No ofense if you have a friend who spells their name that way but omg like it totally sounds like a stripper name. Whoah there lassie that was a lot of ramblingg! bling. ring. sting. badabing. What the hell was that. Sleep deprived teenager alert! I swear I am going to die with all of this schoolwork. Anywaysss I wore this sick tee that the entire outfit was based around. It's called The Odyssey Squared. *pause for dramatic affect* This was a really crappy picture that does no justice to the top. The coat is h&m, the varsity patch I got for sucessfuly not killing myself in ski racing. Tights are from target. THAT AWFUL FREAKING SKIRT THAT IS IN LIKE ALL OF MY PICTURES. Lets just call it she who must be incenerated. I'm also wearing an intense girl scout patch. Let's clap at my amazing feats. I actually got this idea at my hs' battle of the bands. IT WAS PREETTYYY SICCCKKK! Here's a clip someone who isn't me took of one of them. Uncle Joes Comb now you can officialy stalk me. I also made a mood board. I am to lazy to credit it! Oh well! Next post is Prada ss11 fantasy lookbook. DAMN MIUCCIAA!
Prada collezione P/E 2011: tutte le immagini foto 7 | Shoes Stylosophy
these shoes complete me
oh and um the two non outfit pics are from fruits issue 6 and the back of a pink floyd lp


I'm telling you I had to electrocute him

Hey y'all this is how fergilicious I am: TOTALLY FERGILICIOUS THAT I CAN'T SPELL. This is the part were you say and hello to you too!
Sorry for the weirdness of that but I have had that stupid song stuck in my head all day ALL DAY. It's almost as bad as this and of course this You are so impressed with my knowledge of awful music. Anyway my camp friend took these completley sick photos of me a couple weeks ago. She took them with her 60's era film camera named Monica.

Sorry for the uber crappy video quality youtube totally gave me some sass. Oh well. I feel akward that I can't find a creative way filled with like my amazing like personality so like take it away spice girls

I am convinced this is one of the corniest songs ever.


Space Elevator Pt. 1: Deep Time

almondtrees:  i don’t remember where i found this  rest in peace.

Hi guys,
So Space Elevator Is like my only pre planned post ever. I have had these pictures in my head for like a month. I had to wait the right time to post it. My outfit is obviously one of the more bizarre things I've worn in a while. The blazer is from h&m, the top skirt is unfortunatley, yet again, that god awful delia's skirt, the skirt under that is my choir skirt. My shoes are docs and yes that is an octopus. I purposely over photoshoped this because i'm totally a rebel. OMG GUYZ I TOTALLY HAD 2 GLASSES OF MILK AT DINNER THAT IS HOW BAD A** I AM.
Anyway, enjoy the physchedellica of these bizarre pictures.
creds: christopher kane fw11, gif from here, paolina, band of outsiders via google, et film still


I would use song lyrics but that would be a bit repetitive wouldn't it?

YoYoYo dogs

Ha that was funny i'm guessing you guys think I'm totally a gangster. Word! This week has been craaazy. I had a snowday on monday and instead of blogging I worked on an article for bella's zine. (too lazy to link that sorry!)
With this outfit I seriously went 4006 different directions, my mind was in between neil young's cowgirl in the sand and prada's quirky floral vibes. As a result I ended up doing a bit of both. The sweater is vintage, gap collar underneath, crappy delia's skirt that somehow has madde it into like half of my outfits. My shoes are vintage and I kid you not, broke, like five minutes after I shot this.
I'm leaving something out. You probably want to know what it is. I BOUGHT SOME SICK EARINGS MADE OUT OF LUNCHBOXES FROM THE 60'S A GROVY BOOKSTORE!!!!!!!!! Yeah I am st-t-oked. Damn I use that word a ton!
Fortunatley I am about to blow X dollars on new clothing to kick start my creativity. Hahaha I totally sound like some lady in a wal-mart ad. "Kickstart Your creativity with luxurious granny pants and totally haute bedazzled uggs!" Teehee sorry walmart. I did some math and learned that if you multiplyed the money I've been saving since third grade by two I might have enough money to buy one of these shoes:
Prada Spring 2011 Shoes and Handbags Page 1
You can tell I am one lucky kid!
Credits: Blande part; google search for band of outsiders. Prada editorial from dazed, Cover art from the cow girl in the sand LP.


Savy: The epic interview

Jeez Louise!

I can't believe it! I'm actually frequently posting again. I've basically planned all my posts for the next month (coming up, oscar dresses and the mysterious space elevator) Well, since it is march it is time for an interview! Now watch my akwardly segeway into something like the mystical, confused, english student I am.

Savy is probably the most recent blogger I have became obsessed with. She always wears vibrant prints pairing them with her kooky doc martens or most excellent shoes. Savy has a sort of humor that I love. It's very dry and not forced. Her blog is "A Witches Style" Anyway, here is the interview I did with her earlier:
1. What inspires your outfits?

Outfit inspiration can vary depending on what my mood, surroundings, movies that I have recently watched, books that I have read, music videos, art, etc.
2. What is the true meaning of being a teen feminist

Feminism, to put it candidly is the belief that women and men alike should obtain equal rights under the law. It is as simple as that. I don't believe that teen feminists are in any way different, besides the fact that they've acquired a worldly sense of wisdom earlier than most.
3. What is your favorite pizza topping spelled backwords.
eseehc taog

4. What do you want people to know about living in Texas.

Well first and foremost, It's essential for foreigners to know that we Texans carry guns, ride horses when traveling long distance and take rodeo class rather than the customary and monotonous P.E :) Yeehaw!
5. Where do you find your favorite pieces of clothing? What is your favorite thing you own?
Well, I frequent our local "Garland Thrift" where I often leave with more pairs of shoes than I can carry. Another favorite of mine is Dolly Python and Bon Ton Vintage. I've never departed without a couple of trinkets :) I could never choose a favorite piece! (of clothing)

6. If you could dye your hair any color in the universe or any pattern what would it be.
Hmmm.... Definitely a pastel of some sort. I'm between pink, blue and a really light purple. So light it is almost pink. What do you think?

7. What is your favorite movie

My favorite movie would have to be between Ghost World and Beetle Juice.
8. What's your favorite magazine?

My favorite magazine are Pop, Lula and Dazed and Confused

10. Would your rather be on Saturday Night Live or be the editor of FRUiT'S?

What do you think?!

Thanks Savy!
Already brain storming stuff for april!
To close this interview, I made a polyvore set for Savy highlighting her style