Melina Bee, an interview highly researched by Roma Berkman

Ha, I know you guys love my title? no? So I first found Melina's blog about two months after I started blogging and joined IFB. I instantly knew that mixing vintage clothing, wacky tattoos, and Sassy magazine was everything I needed in a blog. The great thing was Melina wasn't trying to be Tavi, and when people try so insanly hard to be the next Tavi, it isn't even their blog. So, here is the interview I did with her the other day. Oh and every month I want to interview someone so I'm going to email someone again!!
What excites you about fashion?

I like to see different personalities or ideas expressed by clothes. Honestly I'm more into personal style than fashion.

You always enlighten me with Sassy magazine? What has sassy done for you?

Gave me a glimpse of what cool people might be like when I was the opposite of cool.

What is your favorite book(s)

Cruddy by Lynda Barry, Favorite picture book is Decades of Beauty.

What is your favorite book(s)

Cruddy by Lynda Barry, Favorite picture book is Decades of Beauty.


What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Malted milkshakes made with chocolate malt flavored icecream from Prince Pucklers in Eugene. The best.

Who would you rather eat lunch with, Karl Lagerfeld or Kathleen Hannah?


What inspires you?

Just about everything but nature most of all.
What is your favorite band to listen to?

that's a tough one, but I'll go with Outkast.

Who is your favorite designer?

John Galliano.

If you could interview anyone dead, alive, or never even existed who would it be??
Van Gogh or Dante.

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted friends of mine who live far away to see my outfits.
Pretty sweet.I'm going to do another post on thursday. I have a sort of not really suprise about an outfit/ new major obsession.
*all photos are from are from Melina's blog.


Emily Anne said...

I love this.! She has an awesome sense of style!

melina bee said...
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melina bee said...

also, I think it would be a little hilarious if I did try to be just like Tavi-- cuz I am way too old! (although I love her blog and would totally love to meet her; I was definitely not that together or cool as a teen)

Phoebedeirdra said...

im reading dante now! an interview with dante would be incredible!!

Flow Disruption said...

Nice interview! I'm inspired by her blog as well. :)

Dooshi said...
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Dooshi said...

I really loved this "interview other bloggers" initiative! Very inspiring and also interesting. Waiting to see Who's next…

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

i love tavi but i totally know what you mean with people who try to be like her with their blogs. i like to see things original on peoples blog instead of seeing the same thing copied over and over again. thank you for introducing me to this fabulous blogger melina bee, and thank you for your comment!


tallullahelle said...

Hi Roma, thanks for visiting my blog. Am loving this interview, it's cool to promote other bloggers - so many are all about vacuous self-promotion.

Melina Bee's yellowish boots are gorgeous! Vintage I assume?

Savannah Burton said...

I plan on posting tomorrow! But I think you need to do a new post as well! Humph! XD Do you have a twitter?

sacramento said...

Melina is so fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Melina is truly a unique blogger. This is a great interview and a good way to get to know one of my favorite bloggers better!

Tam'Ce said...

WOW, you have totally inspired me to do a fashion blog! You seem like a nice person also. I look forward to your future posts!