True Grit

Rodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRodarte Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Why Hello there!
Sorry for the huge post gap. I was away in Florida visiting my grandma. I was soooo stoked for the Oscars because I went insane trying to watch as many Oscar movies I could in a week. I saw True Grit and King's Speech. Well...not thatt many movies.
Basically, I tried to make this post ultra mod. Jil did a nice job completing my vision. I really like Celine this season, 9o's revieval anyone? It makes me want tlisten to grrl music (well I always want to but whatever).
Rodarte...hmm. Well, I really really was obsessed with the whole patchwork thing and the super ecletic prarie dresses. However, what the hell was with the random use of red. WAY TO KILL THE THEME LAURA AND KATE BE COOL WILL YOU?! See, I have the guts to actually dislike a part of a collection. Seriously, I loved the rest.
Oh and guess what!? I picked next months blogger!! However, this is subject to change.
Bye for now!!!
Roma who doth be a wonderful goat hearder.

oh p.s I got tagged in bella's post.
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Obsessive Harajuku

Blue Skies are coming in

Hii Guys!

Sorry I've been super busy with nerd club/ school work/ everything else. I actually had a very fullfilling week! My friend and I both got into a selective audtion choir! I know you probably don't care too much about my life or anything but I just felt like saying that. Anywho, I was flipping through Dazed and Confused when I fell in love with a special thing: Jeremy Scott's fw11 collection. Oh god, he and Miuccia have such eclectic styles.
Basically, my entire outfit revolved around FRUiT's, Jeremy Scott fw11, Miu Miu ss11, and uuhhh a bunch of other stuff. As you can see the ironic pairing of my angry vintage biker chic and kitschy kimino from a childhood obviously means I've had to much sugar. I'M NOT CRAZY I JUST GET OVER EXCITED OVER FASHION AND OTHER WONDERESS THINGS!! I have the week off of school so I'm jetting off to Florida. I'll be back friday. To celebrate my marvelous coup of being reunited with my soul sister Miu Miu, and long love Jeremy scott I figured I should post this most excellent Beatle's video:

Oh derrf My outfit and photo credits: Kimino is from childhood, Coat is my mom's that is vintage, h&m leggings, poser aeropostale skirt I got in sixth grade, not shown is happy socks and doc martens. Photos are from style registry, Dazed and Confused, and a polyvore set I made.


The way we were

How did fashion week go for you all?! My fashion week totally stunk because the livestream wasn't compattible with my computer. Yeah, real fun. Any who, I've totally been in 1950's mode, sock hops and everything. I also made a playlist. Wow! I can't say to much interesting has happened in the world of a moody 14 year old latley. I played angry birds for like 7574hours. But more a less I ended up writing fan girl letters to Miuccia Prada in my head because IAMSOFREAKINGSTOKED ABOUT PRADASS11. DUDE! I think if I ever have a mental breakdown I will spend all of my babysitting money on a banana shirt. You can tell how calm and collected I am, I am the epitome of souless teen bloggers. Really guys just because I blog in an adult world doesn't mean I'm a creepy weirdo!

On my outfit now, I'm wearing a random shirt I got at oldnavy about 3 years ago, my other shirt is for choir, and the skirt...is my fave thing I own that I got at a vintage store. NOM NOM NOM! I'm trying to dress like I'm in a Jil Sander show ( I love the long skirts) however I'll do better because I saw an amazing skirt at zara.
photo credits: marilyn prada american graffiti


Melina Bee, an interview highly researched by Roma Berkman

Ha, I know you guys love my title? no? So I first found Melina's blog about two months after I started blogging and joined IFB. I instantly knew that mixing vintage clothing, wacky tattoos, and Sassy magazine was everything I needed in a blog. The great thing was Melina wasn't trying to be Tavi, and when people try so insanly hard to be the next Tavi, it isn't even their blog. So, here is the interview I did with her the other day. Oh and every month I want to interview someone so I'm going to email someone again!!
What excites you about fashion?

I like to see different personalities or ideas expressed by clothes. Honestly I'm more into personal style than fashion.

You always enlighten me with Sassy magazine? What has sassy done for you?

Gave me a glimpse of what cool people might be like when I was the opposite of cool.

What is your favorite book(s)

Cruddy by Lynda Barry, Favorite picture book is Decades of Beauty.

What is your favorite book(s)

Cruddy by Lynda Barry, Favorite picture book is Decades of Beauty.


What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Malted milkshakes made with chocolate malt flavored icecream from Prince Pucklers in Eugene. The best.

Who would you rather eat lunch with, Karl Lagerfeld or Kathleen Hannah?


What inspires you?

Just about everything but nature most of all.
What is your favorite band to listen to?

that's a tough one, but I'll go with Outkast.

Who is your favorite designer?

John Galliano.

If you could interview anyone dead, alive, or never even existed who would it be??
Van Gogh or Dante.

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted friends of mine who live far away to see my outfits.
Pretty sweet.I'm going to do another post on thursday. I have a sort of not really suprise about an outfit/ new major obsession.
*all photos are from are from Melina's blog.


In which a fan girl letter is established and I dress like a marc jacobs model

Hi there!!
Jeez I am so sorry about my lack of posts latley. It has something to do with the fact that I am in over my head in my nerd classes. Also I was in phili!! (more on that in a later post) But anyway, damn Prada ss11 has got me so freaking hyper. I'm not one for reposting stuff on mega blogs but I had to repost this omg omg omg. FANGIRL SCREAM!!

My god look at this! The music makes me feel like I am in a movie montauge in a Steam Punk film! The clothes make me feel like I'm on a rich girl safari. DEAR LORD MIUCCIA YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF LIFE!!!
Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearPrada Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearPrada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
This collection goes with little secrets by passion pit, proenza schouler ss10 and my outfit today.
Duh, my outfit. Based on prada ss11 and marc jacobs photography style. I'm wearing a crappy top I got in sixth grade used for its hot stripes. Gap skirt from a earlier post. Also a bow I got when I was a child model (Disclaimer: There is no way in hell you can find any of the pictures because it was local and I wasn't in a magazine. You guys were right I did model.)
Also, if you look on my sidebar I added a link list of my fave blogs, if you want to be on that list don't hesitate to ask. Finally I think its time for someone to be interviewed but I'm not sure who email me if you want to though ;0. No school tomorrow its going to snow 2ft!!! Expect another post soon!!!!!!!!!!
hot sun runway photos from style.com