This song is forcing me to hold your hand

Hey guys! Happy new year! Gee I am so glad the year is over, I would do a whole year in review post but..
a. I've only been doing this for like 3 months ( the first two don't count because I was at sleep away camp)
b. What am I supposed to talk about..politics?
I am wearing A GAP kids shirt ( that's right I still fit into it) a delia's skirt, H&M Leggings, Docs, and Happy Socks.
I was way bored and found a bunch of tacky accessories, I feel so cool with my drag queen grandma necklace. All of the aberzombies will join me in my march of creativity to find the meaning of life ( which is either 42 or Rodarte...how can I choose?)
Oh guess what?! I got the newest issue of Paris Vogue! I feel so important reading it, Like I'm Anna Wintour or something like that. It came with a calender which got me stoked for like 20 seconds when I learned that every page had a half naked woman decked out in Tiffany's jewelry and Louis Vuitton Shoes...whoopee!

These are from my fave editorial in the magazine..."Pussy West." Tom Ford was in it ( I love him)

To close this post Gwen was on my mind all day, I am totally obsessed with her.
Happy 2011,


Fashion's Religion said...

The toast necklace is the coolest thing since sliced bread. (I love making the cheesiest of jokes) I love your style though!


Zarna said...

i love your necklaces!!

..and i have to admit i laughed when i read fashion's religion's comment lol!

Flow Disruption said...

I love the necklaces, too! I've never seen an old lady eating toast in the middle of a large piece of toast on a chain around someone's neck before. ;) Very very different and cool.

melina bee said...

aw, you're so cute here. more outfit photos please!
where is the awesome toast necklace from?

Roma said...

Melina: the necklace was a DIY project, I found the sandwich lady in a wacky card deck I got for Hanukkah. It's called slamwich. I do more outfit photos for sure!!