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Hi there!

Is it not a lovely day for some neon hair inspiration. You all were assuming I would do a golden globes post. Well, frankly the golden globes is like the middle child of movie awards. We all know that Natalie Portman's dress very well could have been purchased from the juniors department at JCPenney. Whoopdeedoo.
I've pondered the idea of dying my hair some unnatural color. People dye it like one shade lighter and act like its totally changed their life...to heck with that. However I'm probably going to buy a manic panic wig. NOM NOM NOM. NOM. So you are probably wondering why the hell I put an overkill Givenchy ad in this post...Well, I love it! I find it hilarious the way the guy in the middle looks super possessed, this is what I picture they are all saying during the shoot:
Guy in the middle who has a zombie in him: Zephyr Stravinsky
Guy next to him who totally has the hots for him: Luis
Guy on the far side: Darth Maul
Lady: Miuccia
ZS: I want to eat your souls because top ramen isn't good enough for me
Luis: Your so cute when you go on a zombie rampage
DM: Ugh! I would much rather be reading .... Model pose!
Miuccia: Guess what guys I'm Miuccia!
Sorry I just had to do that. Anyway, I feel like I need to listen to the new york dolls sing hymns about the underbelly of soceity....
I bid y'all adieu (irony shakespeare + slang= ?)
-RaRoma who is not Lady Gaga's inspiration.
credits: New York Dolls POP Family Clueless Givenchy and Prada Editorial both from style registry


Savannah Burton said...

You should totally dye your hair an unnatural color! I have been seriously debating doing the same. I know I am this summer, but perhaps sooner? I either want really, really light purplish pink, light, light blue, or light, light, light pink. I like light colors for my hair. pastelly!! Thoughts? I also want to do something else to my hair. Like a different cut.

Fashion's Religion said...

I was thinking about dying my hair blue. I have always wanted. Who knows, perhaps one day.

Also, I'm just throwing this out there, a little like word-vomit. But you quite honestly have the most perfect model-esque body. You're tall and skinny, I think you should really go after a modeling career.


Zarna said...

i LOVE that prada shot!

i would love to see your hair dyed an unnatural color btw!

SOFIA said...

love your blog!!!

Sofi Stellar said...

I've been wanting to dye my hair for so long!! I don't think I will, though, I just can't bear the thought of bleaching it!

Savannah Burton said...

I love your style so much! Do a new post!!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

as much as i wanted to die my hair unatural colours before, for some reason i dont anymore. I no longer like the look, but i am going to invest in some wigs and spray hair colours because i want to hair colour thing to be something i can change from day to day

check me out!