No I'm not going to a funeral I just really like black.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted a lot recently. I was teaching children how to ski ( I know your shocked, how could a sarcastic bad a*s possibly be kind to youngins) Anyway, wow this has been some week! I had a snowday and found another teen feminist blog ( see comments on last post sooo lazy)
Oh riight this outfit. So I stole my mom's vintage witch-y hat and ta-da! I'm also wearing a gap collar, lace shirt from Ireland, an Express skirt, and lastly cheap o target tights

Oh dear god these totally match my outfit! Lydia from beetlejuice is by far one of my fave movie characters.
Laurie Vintage Y-3 ad, BeetleJuice

Hello Mr. Warhol


Cara said...


I just found your blog; I love it lots and your style. And your witchtastic hat.

I have something in common with your shirt, I'm from Ireland aswell.

Dooshi said...

Love this outfit and your black affection!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Love your shirt!! It looks so cool with the collar!!
Just found your blog and it's awesome!! Following you now!!

Marg said...

I also just found your blog!!!! I love the pictures!!! Its really awesome. I am following you now!!! I hope you will look at my blog!!

Savannah Burton said...

You flatter me with your comments! I love your personal style! So eclectic! Your eyes are really pretty and that hat is out of control awesome! I will check your blog frequently! :-)

Sarah said...

Your style is so fantastic! I love your blog and am now following and I hope you will follow me back as well!

- love sarah

Alexandra said...

Haha love the title. And who doesn't love black? I always feel guilty for being head to toe in it but really, it's just so chic and functional.

Alexandra xo


Eda said...

lovely blog.
every fashionable people are love black. :)


Anonymous said...

Your outfit reminds me of a stroll in the English countryside! I don't know why! Thank you for your sweet comment!!! :)

Jennifer said...

not gonna lie your room looks cool, i wanna see what other inspirational pics you got up on your wall, love the lace top on you & that hat is cute! black is hot color!