Acid Bird


Sorry I haven't posted all freaking week! Well, school was quite a drag, someone asked if my docs were hiking boots and I have been frequently bothered by the stupid jocks in my math class...O the agony!

These images are possibly the coolest I've ever found like in a million years. Marc Jacobs by far has had one of my favorite collections ( or should I say coollection, aren't I so punny.) Anyway. I love the contrast between the Princess Leia Pic and the comme ad. Although, I feel that Rei may have gotten ideas off of her wardrobe. It sort of looks like her fall stuff..no? I think I may have to thank you guys for reading my blog. I mean I love blogging and its super cool that people actually read this wild 'n' crazy stuff.

Moving on...I am having maniacal ideas about buying some potentially awesome clothes, I am way obsessed with these shoes....well, I guess we'll see!

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melina bee said...

who is it in the first picture? (kathleen hanna?!) I love her sweater and red lipstick. hiking boots are cool, but how clueless is someone not to recognize docs?

Flow Disruption said...

Oh man, I know how you feel! I've been so busy lately, I haven't kept up with my blog. I love doing it, though ... whatever shall we do, Roma?

Love the Kathleen Hanna pic. She has such a unique and funny (in a good way!) sense of style. Kinda like you. ;)