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Hi there!

Is it not a lovely day for some neon hair inspiration. You all were assuming I would do a golden globes post. Well, frankly the golden globes is like the middle child of movie awards. We all know that Natalie Portman's dress very well could have been purchased from the juniors department at JCPenney. Whoopdeedoo.
I've pondered the idea of dying my hair some unnatural color. People dye it like one shade lighter and act like its totally changed their life...to heck with that. However I'm probably going to buy a manic panic wig. NOM NOM NOM. NOM. So you are probably wondering why the hell I put an overkill Givenchy ad in this post...Well, I love it! I find it hilarious the way the guy in the middle looks super possessed, this is what I picture they are all saying during the shoot:
Guy in the middle who has a zombie in him: Zephyr Stravinsky
Guy next to him who totally has the hots for him: Luis
Guy on the far side: Darth Maul
Lady: Miuccia
ZS: I want to eat your souls because top ramen isn't good enough for me
Luis: Your so cute when you go on a zombie rampage
DM: Ugh! I would much rather be reading .... Model pose!
Miuccia: Guess what guys I'm Miuccia!
Sorry I just had to do that. Anyway, I feel like I need to listen to the new york dolls sing hymns about the underbelly of soceity....
I bid y'all adieu (irony shakespeare + slang= ?)
-RaRoma who is not Lady Gaga's inspiration.
credits: New York Dolls POP Family Clueless Givenchy and Prada Editorial both from style registry


No I'm not going to a funeral I just really like black.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted a lot recently. I was teaching children how to ski ( I know your shocked, how could a sarcastic bad a*s possibly be kind to youngins) Anyway, wow this has been some week! I had a snowday and found another teen feminist blog ( see comments on last post sooo lazy)
Oh riight this outfit. So I stole my mom's vintage witch-y hat and ta-da! I'm also wearing a gap collar, lace shirt from Ireland, an Express skirt, and lastly cheap o target tights

Oh dear god these totally match my outfit! Lydia from beetlejuice is by far one of my fave movie characters.
Laurie Vintage Y-3 ad, BeetleJuice

Hello Mr. Warhol


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Love Forever

Living in a Mudane world

Sweater from Marshalls (?) Dress worn as a skirt I got for someone's bat mitz. Mom's shoes which sort of look like the black version of these shoes
So today, I had a snow day which was nice for a change. Basically I woke up at 9 and ate oatmeal. Due to the fact it was a snowday I decided I finally was going to post this outfit. Sort of has Marni fall 2010 vibes to it.

This song totally goes with the bizarre sprawl feelings I've had a lot lately. Don't you just love the Talking Heads!?! I've finally been inspired by winter. Please feel free to find me something interesting on your valiant crusades into the special world.


Acid Bird


Sorry I haven't posted all freaking week! Well, school was quite a drag, someone asked if my docs were hiking boots and I have been frequently bothered by the stupid jocks in my math class...O the agony!

These images are possibly the coolest I've ever found like in a million years. Marc Jacobs by far has had one of my favorite collections ( or should I say coollection, aren't I so punny.) Anyway. I love the contrast between the Princess Leia Pic and the comme ad. Although, I feel that Rei may have gotten ideas off of her wardrobe. It sort of looks like her fall stuff..no? I think I may have to thank you guys for reading my blog. I mean I love blogging and its super cool that people actually read this wild 'n' crazy stuff.

Moving on...I am having maniacal ideas about buying some potentially awesome clothes, I am way obsessed with these shoes....well, I guess we'll see!

comme shoes acid marc leia end of the world Riot Grrl


This song is forcing me to hold your hand

Hey guys! Happy new year! Gee I am so glad the year is over, I would do a whole year in review post but..
a. I've only been doing this for like 3 months ( the first two don't count because I was at sleep away camp)
b. What am I supposed to talk about..politics?
I am wearing A GAP kids shirt ( that's right I still fit into it) a delia's skirt, H&M Leggings, Docs, and Happy Socks.
I was way bored and found a bunch of tacky accessories, I feel so cool with my drag queen grandma necklace. All of the aberzombies will join me in my march of creativity to find the meaning of life ( which is either 42 or Rodarte...how can I choose?)
Oh guess what?! I got the newest issue of Paris Vogue! I feel so important reading it, Like I'm Anna Wintour or something like that. It came with a calender which got me stoked for like 20 seconds when I learned that every page had a half naked woman decked out in Tiffany's jewelry and Louis Vuitton Shoes...whoopee!

These are from my fave editorial in the magazine..."Pussy West." Tom Ford was in it ( I love him)

To close this post Gwen was on my mind all day, I am totally obsessed with her.
Happy 2011,