They blew up tinsel town with an army of derby girls

Have you been inspired yet?
It's finally break and I am so happy! I asked for docs for christmas...I REALLY HOPE I CAN GET THEM!!!!! Anyway I have this idea for a club for weird misfit feminists. Or some sort of recognition for them because we don't get enough credit. In other news I wore the outfit in my last post to school today:
Kid in my homeroom:
Hey Roma where do you buy your clothes from?
Me: Um vintage stores...your jealous I know.
KIMH: Well I'm pretty sure you got that skirt off my table.
Me: *death glare*
It was hilarious great way to start the holidays.
I'd like to finish this post with some tagging and care bears on fire.
Brittney has been tagged because frankly she has an awesome blog and likes Missoni just as much as I do
-Love Roma


melina bee said...

although rude, I gotta admit that comment is pretty funny-- certainly more clever than what bullies at my high-school came up with. sadly, being teased is part of the price you pay for fabulousness and boldness. take teasing as a sign you're doing something right.
man, miu miu just kills me, Miuccia Prada has a midas touch, even if she made a dress from a garbage bag it would somehow be stylish

Flow Disruption said...
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Flow Disruption said...

I can't believe how many spelling mistakes I managed to make in that last comment. Kinda awkward, but I'll roll with it ...

Thanks, Roma! I think your blog is pretty bangin' itself. I love the outfits you put together and the combination of photos. ;) The Miu Miu photo is definitely inspiring.

Now I'm gonna go and watch Care Bears On Fire videos on YouTube. Cheers to an awesome 2011!