Teenage Scream

I finally got to post my outfit with my epic win tulle skirt I got in Manhattan! I was like buzzing when I saw it because:
a. Tulle is my favourite material
b. tulle is better than fruit cups
c. It's vintage
I got it at this nifty store called "The Family Jewels Vintage" So exciting!
This outfit was inspired by a lot of things actually

I love Courtney love but I also get mad at her like these shoes.
Rodarte did the costume! Oh my gosh. Dude.
Black Swan

Oh, I have to tell you about my expirence about trying to get a lanvin for H&M dress:
So I went into the store all excited and I go up to the clerk.
Me:"Do you carry the Lanvin For H&M stuff here?"
Cool Sales Clerk:"No we just sold out, sorry. There's a new store opening in Las Vegas."
Me:... ( What I was really thinking was yes: I am going to fly to vegas on my unicorn to meet Sabrina the Teenage Witch.)
I was so mad!
Anyway. Thank you guys for all of the awesome comments. Especially you Marcus
Bye from me, sabrina, and my unicorn!
-Dana Carvey...just kidding!


Zarna said...

awesome tulle skirt!! i agree with you - tulle totally rocks!

Zabrinah said...

That costume is amazing! I love it and I really wanna see that movie.

I also love everything about tulle! Great stuff!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


AKM said...

Great blog, love all the photo's you post they're really fascinating x


melina bee said...

tulle > fruit cups indeed! cute outfit, I still haven't seen the black swan