Lets go see the sights and ride the horses

How doth the wind blow my fine feathered friend?
Sorry had a Shakespeare moment. So let me think for a second. Jil Sander s/s 11. Well frankly when I was looking at the bergdorf website it seemed much more appealing. I was thinking...jeez I totally love this wacky 60's vibe going on here. However I really wasn't crazy about the cookie monster knits and the tacky shopping bags....bleh. I loved the exploding floral jumpsuits it was quirky and original! I sort of thought the two older ads (sorry I have no idea were they are from) would sort of compliment the jil sander stuff.
Anyway enough of this criticism. Life has been pretty dull in Upstate New York. I've been mildly entertained by the Hole Cd I got for Chranukahis. I'm having issues being inspired by spring when there is a foot of snow on the ground. SOMEBODY PULL ME OUT OF THIS RUT!

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melina bee said...

the versus girl's outfit reminds me lady golfers in the 30s (<3!)