Girl Scout Safari

Hey dudes,
sorry for my random absence. I went skiing yesterday and the rest of the week i was loaded with homework. Anyway the outfit was inspired by the book derby girl, muse, and rodarte or should i say "Radarte" sorry that was awful. One of my besties drew the picture. Sorry for the bad photography skills. Anyway, the pic is of Hussein Chalyan coffee table skirt.
I am in this total riot grrl mood lately, due to the fact that Tavi's feminist sweater isn't actually for sale, i'm making a sweatshirt that says "RIOT GRRL!" Oh yeah get on my level. I'm tagging Zarna from zarna's runway. She is a super cool "It Girl." from nashville. She has a cool bollywood meets the modern south vibe.

Picture found on questionably weird site:

Happy Chranukis

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Zarna said...

thanks for the mention and the sweet words :)

cool bag - im totally digging it!