I wish we could all be like the kids in American Graffiti

Gap Dress, worn under as a skirt, Super man shirt I think I got in Target in the men's section. Urban Outfitters Hat. Arche Oxford type shoes.
Alright your probably wondering about the beatles purse. Well guess what...it's like Hermione's purse, it has everything in it:
An Old man
Andy Samberg
Jane Eyre
a fruit cup
Alexander McQueen lizard pumps
Anna Wintour
Haa sorry about that I totally just had a moment. Anyway, my break hasn't started yet because my teachers are obviously out to get me. Oh and I wrote a Rap about Daria and Andy Samberg. I might have to rap it out during winter break. OOHH YEAH!
I found this on the pop I re-collaged it. muhaha! I love this because it's very retro but also very post classical greek. Dorthy and impressionism is pretty great no?
Oh guess what
I have a major crush on these shoes:
I want them sooo much I wish they were about 200 dollars cheaper but. they're. not. waaah.
-Love from Russia ( aka the cold unbearable, snow-less, upstate new york.)


Flow Disruption said...

Haha, you crack me up. What more could you need when you've got your soup, vitamins and Alexander McQueen lizard pumps?? Seriously, those are three of my favourite things. ;)
Oh, and I love the Superman tee!

Zarna said...

those shoes are AWESOME!

Aphrodite said...

Wish I was in NY over break! Then I could here your rap!

You must rap it to me when I get back...