Flower punk

H&M blazer (pretty hot I know) American Eagle Jeans...Wait 1 second did I really say that? I did, unfortunately at my craptactular mall that is the only store that has jeans for some one of my size. Fortunately I pinned on some retro patches.

Oh and the best part is I got Doc Martens and Happy Socks for Christmas! Feeling pretty fly.
So, one other thing I got which was rather interesting was "The Selby" I don't know if you've ever read Todd's blog but it is amazing. There was a picture of Karl in his house in Paris and frankly I was inspired
Look at him...it's Karl!!!
Anyway, this outfit sort of has a neon addam's family vibe going for it. I tried to pose like Morticia on acid. ( with the whole neon color scheme.) I guess the face sort of takes away from the outfit because, when I try to pose angry I look constipated. I simply can't help it.

Sky blue acid bird

The outfit I wore could seriously use any of the items. Especially the miu miu bag


Dooshi said...

First visit in here and have to say that I'm impressed! Love your dorky (in a very positive way) style. And this set that you made-I wouldn't mind to have it all!!

Aphrodite said...

Oh, you and your expressions!
I'm so jealous of you, You got Doc Martins!!!
(Do want...)

Pfft, you took that picture in your brother's room...That's why it doesn't look all messy!

melina bee said...

lucite shoes are the best. thanks for including me in your blogroll!
I tried on a kinda similar top from the 70s the other day, but those types of shoulders always make me look uptight for some reason.

Flow Disruption said...

I love the blazer and patches, especially together! I could see you wearin' every piece from that mood board together in one outfit. ;)

Carlota said...

your outfits are awsome! very unoque and retro with a splash of geeky fashion (which is never missed!) i like your blog and its the first time i came around!

happy new year :)