Lets go see the sights and ride the horses

How doth the wind blow my fine feathered friend?
Sorry had a Shakespeare moment. So let me think for a second. Jil Sander s/s 11. Well frankly when I was looking at the bergdorf website it seemed much more appealing. I was thinking...jeez I totally love this wacky 60's vibe going on here. However I really wasn't crazy about the cookie monster knits and the tacky shopping bags....bleh. I loved the exploding floral jumpsuits it was quirky and original! I sort of thought the two older ads (sorry I have no idea were they are from) would sort of compliment the jil sander stuff.
Anyway enough of this criticism. Life has been pretty dull in Upstate New York. I've been mildly entertained by the Hole Cd I got for Chranukahis. I'm having issues being inspired by spring when there is a foot of snow on the ground. SOMEBODY PULL ME OUT OF THIS RUT!


Flower punk

H&M blazer (pretty hot I know) American Eagle Jeans...Wait 1 second did I really say that? I did, unfortunately at my craptactular mall that is the only store that has jeans for some one of my size. Fortunately I pinned on some retro patches.

Oh and the best part is I got Doc Martens and Happy Socks for Christmas! Feeling pretty fly.
So, one other thing I got which was rather interesting was "The Selby" I don't know if you've ever read Todd's blog but it is amazing. There was a picture of Karl in his house in Paris and frankly I was inspired
Look at him...it's Karl!!!
Anyway, this outfit sort of has a neon addam's family vibe going for it. I tried to pose like Morticia on acid. ( with the whole neon color scheme.) I guess the face sort of takes away from the outfit because, when I try to pose angry I look constipated. I simply can't help it.

Sky blue acid bird

The outfit I wore could seriously use any of the items. Especially the miu miu bag


They blew up tinsel town with an army of derby girls

Have you been inspired yet?
It's finally break and I am so happy! I asked for docs for christmas...I REALLY HOPE I CAN GET THEM!!!!! Anyway I have this idea for a club for weird misfit feminists. Or some sort of recognition for them because we don't get enough credit. In other news I wore the outfit in my last post to school today:
Kid in my homeroom:
Hey Roma where do you buy your clothes from?
Me: Um vintage stores...your jealous I know.
KIMH: Well I'm pretty sure you got that skirt off my table.
Me: *death glare*
It was hilarious great way to start the holidays.
I'd like to finish this post with some tagging and care bears on fire.
Brittney has been tagged because frankly she has an awesome blog and likes Missoni just as much as I do
-Love Roma


I wish we could all be like the kids in American Graffiti

Gap Dress, worn under as a skirt, Super man shirt I think I got in Target in the men's section. Urban Outfitters Hat. Arche Oxford type shoes.
Alright your probably wondering about the beatles purse. Well guess what...it's like Hermione's purse, it has everything in it:
An Old man
Andy Samberg
Jane Eyre
a fruit cup
Alexander McQueen lizard pumps
Anna Wintour
Haa sorry about that I totally just had a moment. Anyway, my break hasn't started yet because my teachers are obviously out to get me. Oh and I wrote a Rap about Daria and Andy Samberg. I might have to rap it out during winter break. OOHH YEAH!
I found this on the pop I re-collaged it. muhaha! I love this because it's very retro but also very post classical greek. Dorthy and impressionism is pretty great no?
Oh guess what
I have a major crush on these shoes:
I want them sooo much I wish they were about 200 dollars cheaper but. they're. not. waaah.
-Love from Russia ( aka the cold unbearable, snow-less, upstate new york.)


That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood

BFrankly I think I would be Bikini Kill's Rebel girl if I was wearing this:
Yes I am sure I would be a rebel girl in these shoes. Oh how I muse on about Rodarte!
Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlexander McQueen Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Alexander McQueen, well, honestly Sarah will be my new best friend. Her designs sort of look like little Austrian dolls and Celtic fairies! Some of it was a bit...boring. I wasn't impressed with the whole Ring Master Fighter Pilot.
Hussein Chalayan Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearHussein Chalayan Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Hussien Chalayn.....I loved the beginning it was my creepy little fantasy. The end I was bored by hooray for a usual sundress!

I swear I will be the Queen of the Neighborhood! This video reminds me of Rei and her Riot Grrl attitude.


Girl Scout Safari

Hey dudes,
sorry for my random absence. I went skiing yesterday and the rest of the week i was loaded with homework. Anyway the outfit was inspired by the book derby girl, muse, and rodarte or should i say "Radarte" sorry that was awful. One of my besties drew the picture. Sorry for the bad photography skills. Anyway, the pic is of Hussein Chalyan coffee table skirt.
I am in this total riot grrl mood lately, due to the fact that Tavi's feminist sweater isn't actually for sale, i'm making a sweatshirt that says "RIOT GRRL!" Oh yeah get on my level. I'm tagging Zarna from zarna's runway. She is a super cool "It Girl." from nashville. She has a cool bollywood meets the modern south vibe.

Picture found on questionably weird site:

Happy Chranukis


Teenage Scream

I finally got to post my outfit with my epic win tulle skirt I got in Manhattan! I was like buzzing when I saw it because:
a. Tulle is my favourite material
b. tulle is better than fruit cups
c. It's vintage
I got it at this nifty store called "The Family Jewels Vintage" So exciting!
This outfit was inspired by a lot of things actually

I love Courtney love but I also get mad at her like these shoes.
Rodarte did the costume! Oh my gosh. Dude.
Black Swan

Oh, I have to tell you about my expirence about trying to get a lanvin for H&M dress:
So I went into the store all excited and I go up to the clerk.
Me:"Do you carry the Lanvin For H&M stuff here?"
Cool Sales Clerk:"No we just sold out, sorry. There's a new store opening in Las Vegas."
Me:... ( What I was really thinking was yes: I am going to fly to vegas on my unicorn to meet Sabrina the Teenage Witch.)
I was so mad!
Anyway. Thank you guys for all of the awesome comments. Especially you Marcus
Bye from me, sabrina, and my unicorn!
-Dana Carvey...just kidding!