Space cadets and tin houses

I've been dying to use that video! I think the VMAs are a scam because this should have won. As they said in SNL being awarded a vma is like having a worlds best grandma mug and you say that your grandma is better. Anyway. I feel slightly awesome because this post makes me feel all inspired. I really like the Pucci stuff in the first two pics I sort of think that Alexander McQueen sort of carried the torch in creating space wear. However his is for the other side. His is for weird aliens like Lady GaGa, misfits, and for Vogue Nippon and their crazy editors who I love like crazy. Any way, school was great today because somebody totally played the balmain card with neon leggings and a sparkly leather coat. I love balmain but it sort of hurts your eyes to look at. Its like you give a four year old a glue gun and some sparkles and tell them to go to town. Next post I am going to put up some pics of the outfit I wore a couple days ago because people were so hilarious about so I was saving it for later. Shit!I just went on a tangent. Whatevs
Going Home!

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