Quiet Rose the Nymphs are sleeping

This editorial is creepy but really cool. I kinda like the whole lady gaga meets peter pan thing going on here.I love the miu miu dress in the second to last picture! There was a great use of prada in this editorial! Thanksgiving in New York was cool I went to a vintage store and bought a crinoline skirt that makes me feel like a victorian fairy. My camera battery died so I'll put it up next post. Yipee. I'm tagging Aphrodite for her epic view on nostalgia and highschool. Oh I found this really cool book by this Israeli feminist on Judaism and riot grrl.


A--rtemis--thena said...

veni, vidi, visa <3

Justine Guy said...

I loveeeeeee this ed! thanks for commenting :) yeahhhh fashion obsessed teens <3

Savannah Burton said...

I've had this creepy obsession with this editorial.