So guess what.....I AM A SUPER STAR sorry really hyper for three reasons:

Sorry bout the video guys youtube wasn't working today blaarg.
But anyway so this video is amazing because:
a: it's about pink robots
b: that teddy bear is seriously awesome
c: that girl totally pulled a kawakubo. She totally looks like Rei maybe they're twins or third cousins
Anyway. the first picture is from hero magazine I found via Pop World. Hero is pretty cool its by these super star gay guys who go around looking for awesome people who should be models
The third one is from pop also! She looks like a mix between lady gaga and marc jacobs last season.
I would totally die my hair that color. But there is a lot of things I would do, like write stuff on my head with sharpie.
I have the sudden urge to eat pop rocks so I will.

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