I want roses and lanvin

Hey hey hey!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while I was very busy doing important things like singing an operetta and clipping my nails. Anyway I got really really excited a couple of days ago because Lanvin did a collab with H&M. I am sorry but I acted like I drank three cans of rainbow spiked with pixie sticks. It is amazing with a capital Lanvin. Super duper duper happy right now! Anyway enough of this weird blabbering here it is with its shining glory.

I like the second dress better because of the neckline and the poofiness of it. I am totally asking for this dress for Cranakis ( I'm jewish and catholic so I celebrate cranakis.) Seriously though guys this is something japanese fan girl worthy of!!!!!!!!!
Anyway I got a lot of candy and figured how to upload photos and stuff! So tomorrow-ish you will see some outfit pics. Sorry I am so happy right now I want Mr. Lanvin to come to my birthday now along with Miuccia because they are that stinking special!!!
K mellowing down now. I think I'll go watch arthur or phineas and ferb now cause thats what all the cool kids do on friday evening.

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