Depressed Fairy Godmothers

Okay so I've finally posted this picture. So i wore this last week but whatevs. Anyway, so I walk into my home room to the usual crowd of girls yapping away about their intense 9th grade relationships. I sit down listening to the Ramones while acting all hyper when the girl behind me says something to me.
"Are you like into fashion?"
"Uhh yeah."
"Do you like Betsey Johnson."
"..." Alright I'll say it betsey is like the crazy sister or aunt I never had she completes me okay? She seriously is just amazing and hilarious. Anyways so this was seriously my favorite outfit ever. You can't really see it but my headband has a "Slandwhich" jelly card on it. Also my belt is a tape measure with a belt buckle talking about Alexander McQ being my hero.
I have one other important thing to tell y'all. So Tavi ( god I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain who she is) is creating a magazine for us wacko wallflower children. I submitted something for it. Yay! Support it because our voices should be heard!
In other news I have a crush on a pair of proenza schouler pants. They came to me in a dream and suddenly I was running around in the best mood ever. Oh they are wonderful but I am envious of them so!
Roma+ Proenza Schouler Pants=love


A--rtemis--thena said...

I can never see the pics of you!!! Uber sadness...

ruben said...

thank you so much. but can you understand what i write? because it's portuguese.
btw, i fuckin' love it your blog. and yeah, i really like fashion too.