Scary old Sorceresses and packages tied with licorice

So this weekend is halloween and I was originally going to be Tippi Hedren but I couldn't find anything good as a dress. I went to this vintage store and everything was way over priced! So I am going as some sort of hill billy creature. Do not fear! I'll post the pictures soon if I can figure it out.
Ouija boards are cool but they are kind of a let down when you figure they're a scam. I wish I was Peter Pan so I wouldn't ever be let down and would live in my own fantasy.
Oh great Ouija board will I go to a Balenciaga show?!
this picture is kind of creepy but very cool. Its from the Jil Sander Spring 2000 campaign. The model sort of looks like Heather O'Rourke if Heather was older.
Anyway are you dressing up or are you to cool to dress up?
Bye! off to go egg some houses or yell at people to get off my darn lawn!
-Roma the great pumpkin


Sophi said...

I love that first picture of the Ouija board! The questions that are eating away at them are so funny :)



so cool! i love jil sander
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A--rtemis--thena said...

i stand by the opinion that your halloween costume looked like a geek contacting aliens. it was the colander's fault, but the glasses sold it.