Neon Grandmothers watch soap operas

I really like that he uses Neons and bold prints in this collection. I loved the whole galaxy print thing last season, this was a nice change. French Fashion week left me breathless!
However, there is a dark side to this collection.
Christopher Kane had an estranged counterpart only known as.....prints that clash and do not mix well with lace. GASP!!

So, overallI really like the neon lace dresses but really am not one for out of place biker tattoo style prints.


Aphrodite said...

Awww, You said there would be soaps! lol

Roma said...

there is...GASP!

Roma said...

o if u mean real soap yes there are some soaps in your bathroom aphro-di-teee

Aphrodite said...

...or is there?
Yup, there is.
I hate you people's logic. -3-

Anonymous said...

ahh i love this collection, its gorgeous! (:


Roma said...

merci beaucoup!
I love the the start of it,not so much the end