Why contests are rather nice

Hey guys!
In case your wondering what that is, it is an editor page I made for you guys. I thought it might be cool if I had a contest were, using the items on there you make an outfit.
Here are the rules:
1. You have to use these items
2. You cannot make a set with grandmothers, bacon, beans, marijuana, or Karl Lagerfeld at a holiday party.
3. make the set and email me at romabkins@gmail.com. Remember don't email me crap or invite me to your birthday party. I am sorry but I am not avialable for the festivities.
1st Place:
Will get their set posted on site and will have a small paragraph about themselves oh yeah and they will be posted on my polyvore page and will be my picture on IFB
2nd Place:
Will have there photo posted and will get a small paragraph about themselves
3rd place: Will be on my blog with a small paragraph
*ALSO!! 1-3 prizes will get a picture of themselves on my blog!!*
If you win I will email you ahead of time!
There will be 5 honorable mentions.

I think this will be super fun.
Oh yeah!
The deadline is October 28th at 9:04pm


Aphrodite said...

*looks through items*
HOW are we supposed to do this?

Roma said...

click the link and make an outfit on polyvore using only the stuff on the page

Roma said...